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Your October 2020 Horoscope with Maya White

October 2020

Aries – (March 20 – April 18) This is an impactful and powerful time for you. October begins with the Aries full moon on October 1st. And, mark October 19th on your calendar, too, because there is a planetary triple play that will benefit both your work and relationships. This month has an amazing similarity to August, only now you have leverage combined with forbearance and insight. In case you want or need one, it’s like a Cosmic second chance. Use this gift wisely!

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19) This fabulous month is made all the better by the Taurus full moon on October 31st. This ‘blue moon’ is the second full moon of the month, and it totally illuminates your path. You now understand the past, you are satisfied with your present, and excited about the future. You are stepping into a technicolor world of possibilities Remember that the physical world vibrates more slowly than the spiritual realm. Be patient, and hold on to your Truth.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19) You have a special affinity with speedy Mercury. So, when Mercury is retrograde, as it is Oct 13 – Nov 3, you may feel a bit out of sorts. Here are two tips to make it better: first, get your sleep. It may sound too simple, but there’s a reason why. This particular retrograde directly impacts your health and rejuvenation. Keep your energy batteries charged. The second tip is: go for depth. Learn more about fewer topics to transform knowledge into wisdom.

Cancer(June 20 – July 21) With two full moons, October is a pivotal month. The first full moon of October 1st joins the Healing Mentor, Chiron. As a moon child, this is an opportunity for deep inner work leading to acceptance. The second full moon of October 31st joins Uranus, the Transformer. In short, surrender and let Chiron take you to his healing temple so that you emerge refreshed and invigorated for the wonderful changes that Uranus has for you. Embrace and feed your inner child.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21) Finances and partnership issues will require attention and focus this month. Venus enters Virgo on October 2nd, which offers a boost to your finances, provided you’ve not been over spending on useless stuff. Part of the problem has been the asteroid Vesta in Leo. Vesta is great for your focus, but her shadow side is loneliness. If you feel as though nobody really cares and all you do is work, consider that Vesta is temporarily living in your ‘house’ and know that she’s moving on by October 23rd. Maintain all aspects of your freedom, including your emotional state.

Virgo – (August 22 – September 21) You have a special affinity with the planet Mercury. The benefit of your alignment with Mercury gives you a quick and discerning mind. This month, Mercury stations retrograde on October 13th, and in the sign of Scorpio. This retrograde is challenging to you because it rewinds through your communication sector. You’re naturally preceptive and in tune with your instincts; this month, Mercury retrograde from Oct 13 – Nov 3rd brings up a tendency to second guess your decisions and even image an inaccurate outcome. If in doubt – wait it out.

Libra – (September 22 – October 21) There are two full moons this month, but it’s the Libra new moon of October 16th that initiates a completely new cycle for you. Even though the stars are seeding your inspiration, it’s not time to make big financial commitments or decisions, however. Both Mercury and Venus are urging you to wait at least until December, or even January. Like a good poker player, it’s time to hold you cards close and not reveal either you hand, or your strategy. Let others make the first moves.

Scorpio – (October 22 – November 20) Hey Tiger – this is the month you’ve been working towards for so long. The stars are aligned with your vision, and the sun and the moon are shining on you. Your secret to success lies in getting a running start; don’t delay, and no procrastination allowed. Be aware of, but not stopped by Mercury retrograde Oct 13 – Nov 3rd. Think of this Mercury retrograde as a second harvest opportunity – a time to reap left over benefits from your past efforts. Mars is going all out this month, and so can you. Keep your energy high, your vibe pure, and your head engaged.

Sagittarius – (November 21– December 19) There is an undercurrent of stress for you this month. First off, Mars forms a challenging square to Jupiter, your planetary ruler on October 19th. This may feel personal, but don’t take it personally. Mars is extra close to the earth and he’s just kind of growly these days. Beyond any discomfort Mars stirs up, what is really happening is that the cosmic decks are being cleared away. Ultimately this will benefit you, Sag. Show your best face to the world, and know that good things are coming your way.

Capricorn – (December 20 – January 18) October is your transition month, so let your planets do the heavy lifting. With Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn (plus the asteroid Pallas Athena) in Capricorn, your Cosmic job description is to mostly get out of the way. This powerful energy is going to flow, no matter what you do. Why not give up control and work instead on your positive expectations? You too are influenced by the Law of Vibration, so learn to work with this energy and see just how quickly things unfold.

Aquarius – (January 19 – February 17) You’re going to love being a detective, Aquarius. You gained a huge insight last month, and even more secrets are revealed now. Mercury retrograde is literally peeling back the covers on people, places, and issues that have been so well concealed. Words are critically important, and Mars is sure to stir up some accusations as he squares both Jupiter and Pluto this month, but love and compassion are the great rewards of this cycle. Speak your truth, but lead with your heart.

Pisces – (February 18 – March 19) October 12 is a special day for you, Pisces. It’s the day that Jupiter and Neptune truly communicate and relay celestial information to God’s chosen ones. Because of your special affinity with both planets, your sign, Pisces, is finely tuned into this event. Jupiter and Neptune carry the essence of Splendor. It comes in different forms. Splendor is a quality of magnificence and brilliance, and it may be physical, or spiritual. Sometimes you touch it, other times you feel it. Regardless of how it comes to you, be certain that Splendor will grace your life in some way this month.

© 2020 Maya White


Maya White is a professional astrologer and Life Purpose Guide certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a type of astrology that helps identify your best places for success. Her all original horoscopes have been featured around the world and are noted for inspiration and practical tips on how to apply the wisdom of the stars to real life. For astrology updates in a language that YOU understand, sign up for Maya’s Weekly Star*Cast newsletter. You can learn more at:


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