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What does "HeartGlow" mean?


At the center of our work is a deep philosophical belief that regardless of life's circumstances we are all vibrant, divine beings connected to one another by the love which glows deep in our hearts. We have adopted the following guiding principles for our lives and work with The HeartGlow Center.


  • Honor: Living a life of honor is to demonstrate truth, honesty, and integrity in your actions and beliefs. When living with great respect of every soul, you begin to see the world as an amazing opportunity to share love. Recognizing and honoring the Light within others allows a closeness and reverence beyond typical experience and vastly benefits our families.

  • Empathy: Empathy is the ability to feel, sense, or relate to the experiences of another. Knowing what it is like to “walk in their shoes.” Having understanding and compassion for the actions and behaviors of those we encounter infuses us with a deep sense of connectedness.

  • Altruism: The concept of altruism is living a life in benefit of the interests of others. Being of service to society and the world without gain to the self. We raise our personal vibration when we open our hearts in love and service to others.

  • Resonance: Our energetic connection to someone or something. When we are in harmony with another, tuned to and affected by the same frequency, vibration, or wavelength. Respecting and nurturing our energetic connections is the next transcendental step in human evolution.

  • Trust: Having faith and conviction in someone or something. Relying not only on yourself and others, but also in the amazing possibilities inherent in the Universe. We are stepping away from limits and boundaries, allowing grace to take a higher role in our lives.

  • Gratitude: The emotion and energy we exude when in deep appreciation of the circumstances in our world. Thankfulness leads to a life of peace, health, and prosperity. Regardless of your family’s challenges or blessings, instilling a sense of gratitude for the miracle of life itself.

  • Love: The Divine Spirit is the manifestation and source of all love in the universe. Magnificently expressing itself in the smile of a child, butterfly on the breeze, and majesty of a mountain range. We each are creative expressions of love. Demonstrating, supporting, and celebrating love is the meaning and purpose of all life. It is a choice to allow our loving light to shine through our actions, intentions, and relationships.

  • Opportunity: Our chance to make use of the circumstances in our life. Everyday conditions and occurrences are opportunities for growth and enlightenment, even situations we deem as negative. We choose whether or not to take advantage of what comes before us, the old saying of making lemonade from sour lemons. The freedom and opportunity to expand our perceptions and live a new life is ours, if we choose to seize the day.

  • Wellness: Having a healthy respect of our bodies, minds, and spirits, knowing our entire being is a delicate instrument. Even if we live with chronic illness or disability, we are perfect and exactly as the Universe intended. We can embrace well-being by demonstrating proper care. Being mindful of what we eat, how we move, and the amount of rest we get.

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