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Our Mission and Programs


The HeartGlow Center is a 501c3 nonprofit public charity dedicated to conscious living and honoring the sacred Light which shines within us all. We provide holistic education, spiritual renewal, practical resources, and support to assist you in living your best life. We lovingly recognize and celebrate the journey of the human spirit through life’s unique circumstances and provide a sanctuary of love and understanding for all. Our numerous programs focus on individual and family health and wellbeing, as well as recognition and support for family caregivers and those affected by chronic illness or disability.

The HeartGlow Center’s programs are designed to assist from a holistic perspective…body, mind and spirit. In addition to our focus on holistic wellness, we understand the unique burdens and responsibilities of families with special needs and believe by educating, supporting, recognizing, and honoring the caregiver, we are reducing stress, promoting health and well-being, thus improving life for the entire family.

We are a 501c3 Nonprofit Charitable Organization Registered and Incorporated in the State of Maine. All donations to our public charity are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code


Federal EIN 45-4991077


Our charitable programs and offerings:
Community Care Cupboard:

In January of 2023, we opened The Community Care Cupboard which distributes health and wellness items to members of our community in need. The cupboard is at our charity’s location on Main St in Bridgton, Maine. We are available by private appointment. BECOME A SPONSOR

Angel's Flight Memorial Garden:

In 2019, we began planting a memorial flower garden at The HeartGlow Center in honor and tribute to those who have passed away from chronic illness or disability. Each year it lovingly grows as new tributes are added. The memorial garden is open seasonally to visitors as a place of reflection, respite, and contemplation. We are currently raising funds and accepting volunteers for this important program. LEARN MORE 

Caregiver Support and Respite:

The HeartGlow Center offers peer-to-peer support for family caregivers through online friendship groups and in person gatherings. Currently, The HeartGlow Center has 3 guest rooms at our location which can be used for short term caregiver respite or bereavement retreats. 

Inner Tapestry:

The HeartGlow Center is committed to “media with a heart” by providing the public with uplifting and educational content through Inner Tapestry, our online publication. Our content contributors are talented writers, teachers, artists, and best selling authors from across the world, all who donate their time and talents for the cause and for your education and enjoyment. Inner Tapestry is always FREE to read on our website thanks to the support of our sponsors and kind people like you!

Radiance Award:

An award given to family caregivers in recognition of their selfless devotion in their care and service to the disabled and chronically ill. These gifts are often in the form of weekend get-a-ways, massage packages, laptop computers, or virtually anything that can help uplift the spirit of a family caregiver providing enjoyment, rest, and rejuvenation. Most awards are valued near $500 and nominations for this program are accepted when funds are available. We CARE for the caregivers.

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