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Your March 2021 Horoscope with Maya White

March 2021

Aries – (March 20 – April 18) Are you ready for a new adventure, Aries. This month brings you an amazing opportunity to begin anew; it’s as if you have opened a new chapter in your ‘Book of Life’. And, the pages read like an exciting thriller – action packed and filled with opportunities. The good news for you is that your financial picture is brighter than ever before. All that you need is available to you. It’s time to reap the rewards of your efforts, and to engage the comforts of financial security.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19) The Universe is ready to deliver, Taurus; and you are primed and ready to receive. What makes it all so worthwhile is that with your reward comes huge gratification. You can relax now, as the doors to wisdom are also open wide. Many good things have come your way, but recognize that you are still a cog in the Great Cosmic Wheel; what this means is that although you are feeling great personal power your gifts have been granted with a responsibility to use them wisely.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19) Sometimes you just get lucky, Gemini, and March is such a month for you! No need to kiss the blarney stone or rub the belly of a frog, because something good awaits regardless of what you do. The secret is that you have to make a slight adjustment in the way you rock- n- roll through your days. Or, to say it in another way – it’s time you learn a new dance. For some this means a new group of friends, for others it’s a change of residence or lifestyle. This has to do with your core being; coming to terms with who you really are, and what you want out of your life.

Cancer(June 20 – July 21) Sometimes it feels as if you are just an observer into the intricacies of somebody else’s life. Such is the pace of March for you, Cancer, as most of what happens to you comes through events tied into the lives of your partners or other social contacts. What you DO get out of this month, however, are answers to long held questions. Be supportive of others, and count the blessings of good information.

The New Moon of March 13thth opens the doors to a positive fated meeting. You have all the facts needed, so take a leap of faith in your good judgment.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21) Parts of your life that no longer work will very naturally fade away, Leo. The new atmosphere is one of kindness and respect; two qualities that you need and deserve. You are contacted by an honored acquaintance this month; someone who needs your expertise and will reward you accordingly. In the midst of excitement, you must stay grounded. Attention to detail is what gets the job done at this time; especially don’t overlook unwarranted expenditures. Pay close attention to information that arrives on the 4th; this sets the tone for the rest of the month. An awesome opportunity comes your way by month’s end.

Virgo – (August 22 – September 21) This is an exciting month for you, Virgo! As people from your past slowly filter into the present, you have the presence of mind to fully evaluate their worth. Know that you are part of a grand play and that your life is an expression of your Divine will; you have full authority here to predict and create the outcome. The question is: how deeply are you willing to surrender? You have a unique ability to let go and move on, and March is a hugely powerful time to release, relieve, and then comes the chance to re-live, or re-enliven.

Libra – (September 22 – October 21) Open your heart and mind, Libra, because interesting people will soon bring radical ideas to your life. March is your month to embrace new opportunities as well as open your arms to the potential for romance. And everything appears in the most unexplained fashion; you just have to show up. Venus conjunct Neptune on March 13th is a soul mate conncetion – let the planets do their divine dance.

Scorpio – (October 22 – November 20) Solid preparations pave the way for security and a predictable outcome, Scorpio. Think about your long-term plans, even to the way you want to spend the final years of your life. You are in a unique time period to set up a template that will assist you for many years to come, so, plan carefully; you must balance realism with your fondest dreams. Your secretive nature is somewhat challenged now. You long for quiet times, yet it’s imperative that you reach out to others. What you can do now cannot be done alone.

Sagittarius – (November 21– December 19) Yours is the sign of the gypsy wanderer, yet you have had many responsibilities over the past years. March arrives with a promise of new rainbows, Sagittarius; once again your spirit is free to soar to new heights of freedom. Your challenge is to stay on solid ground while manifesting a way to pursue your dreams. The last quarter Moon of March 4th in your sign is blessed by a Jupiter/Mercury conjunction. These two planets promise speedy delivery of good things to come.

Capricorn – (December 20 – January 18) Are you ready to practice the gift of’ Living in the Moment’, Capricorn. Remain close to your childlike innocence and you will be on the way to expanding your life in a way that delivers a multitude of delights. This season holds at least one big surprise; your job is just to be ready and take delight in the delivery.

Although it may not be your intention, you are key to the success and implementation of many projects now. Your best days this month are

Aquarius – (January 19 – February 17) Confidence is your greatest ally now, Aquarius. Know that your integrity resonates throughout your world, and that you have the strength to persevere. You have been waiting patiently for so long. Every month we move closer and deeper towards the true Age of Aquarius – the time that we have all been waiting for. The balance between personal and impersonal is your greatest challenge. Strive to meet life on a very personal level, Aquarius. This calls for an open heart and a willingness to look deeply within.

Pisces – (February 18 – March 19) March reads like a sweet book for you, Pisces. In keeping with the watery element of your sign, the days of this month embrace you. The Sun conjunct Neptune on March 10 is a perfect prelude to Venus conjunct Neptune on the 13th. You may have to rely on your deep intuition before the facts are fully revealed. But, your good deeds return with added interest now. Know that your time has come to reap the financial rewards of your generosity.

© 2021 Maya White


Maya White is a professional astrologer and Life Purpose Guide certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a type of astrology that helps identify your best places for success. Her all original horoscopes have been featured around the world and are noted for inspiration and practical tips on how to apply the wisdom of the stars to real life. For astrology updates in a language that YOU understand, sign up for Maya’s Weekly Star*Cast newsletter. You can learn more at:


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