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The Next Step: New Beginnings

From the very beginning, you are taught to take things “one step at a time”.  From learning to crawl to learning to walk, to being able to run, you are encouraged to move slowly.  Each step you take in life is designed to take you forward to a better life.  As you age, you are still told to take small steps.  Most have heard the adage of “don't bite off more than you can chew”.  When you review how you were taught, and how those lessons have stayed with you, you will also note that there were times when you just didn't have the patience to take it slow! Most teens want to be older so they can have more privileges.  Who didn't want to drive before legal age?  You were impatient waiting to be old enough to drink, or to vote.  Often, once you get to the “right” age, the attraction dims.  In fact, as you age, you fall back on those lessons and start slowing down again, taking it one step at a time.  You are not in such a hurry to make up your mind, take a risk, or do something crazy.  Most older people want to be younger.  Most younger people want to be older.  It seems to be the dilemma of being human.

In this new year, you'll want to be rushing ahead in your personal, spiritual growth and taking giant steps to get there as quickly as possible.  You want to bask in the sunshine of a new year finding joy in all things.  Once again, however, it is time to take the advice of all those who have come before, and learn to take things one step at a time.  If you, like many others, felt that 2014 was a challenge, by taking one step at a time, you will be able to approach the new year with a new attitude and a new strength.

For the most part, 2014 was a year designed to get people and planet  prepared for change.  As you know, preparation for change is not always pleasant.  In fact, most people resist any kind of change that they do not initiate.  Just take a look at how the planet has changed.  Take a look at the environment, the economy, politics and the world order, all of which were turned upside down.  The changes in the weather patterns created cranky people since the “usual” wasn't usual any more.  There were more volcanoes, more earthquakes, more natural disasters than we had seen in a very long time. The economy was in constant flux as the middle class began to disappear and the super rich began to flex their muscles and make themselves better known.  The United States Congress accomplished one of the least productive years in history much to the dismay of the American people. No one wanted to take responsibility for their actions and for many there were no consequences for inappropriate action. Greed seemed to be the order of the day.  Anger went hand in hand with greed and many people began to give up.  However, there were also those who finally had enough of these negative changes and they began to organize for a more positive outlook.  Although most of the world seemed to be struggling with many of the same issues, they began to come together in their need to right some wrongs.  If you're reading this, you are one of those people!

You are a microcosm living on the macrocosm.  With the many energy changes throughout the year,  there was no way you could have avoided all these problems.  You had to be effected by what was going on.  If you review your year, you will discover that nothing was as expected.  It seemed that everything that was always done in one way now needed to be done another way.  Nothing stayed the same.  Much of what you experienced called on your inner strength and a great deal of patience.  So, like a child once again, you just wanted to skip ahead and hurry out of whatever event left you struggling. You wanted to have things “over with” so you could get what you “really” wanted.

What do you really want?  Some of you are so wrapped up in surviving that you are not aware of how to live.  Your day to day struggles revolve around money, paying bills, getting out of (or into) debt and keeping up with expectations.  Some of you are so into the material that your spiritual side is ignored, and not even recognized as important. You consider yourself practical, responsible, and a realist.  The reverse can also be true.  Your attitude toward survival could be “why bother”.  You have given up and feel you are insignificant.  You can be so caught up in being “good” or “spiritual” that you lose sight of living in the 3-D world.  You think every thought and action has to be saintly!

Please be aware that the root desire of all people is peace.  Your inner thoughts and feelings are constantly creating.  Think magnetism.  Your thoughts and feelings are joined by other similar thoughts and feelings.  It is important to know what you hold in your mind and in your heart.  What happens around you is directly related to those thoughts and feelings.  Since you created all those things that you didn't want, it's time to create what you say you really want.

Whenever you build, you must start at the bottom and work your way up.  All the work that you have done, all the changes that you have allowed, as well as those you have resisted will be revisited as the new year continues. This re-visitation is not about “testing” you. It's all about making sure you learn to create your true wishes and desires.  This is a time to be sure of where you put your energies and what you allow to rule your world.  The next step in this case is taking the time to list the positivehighlights from your life in 2014.  By doing this, you will be able to get a better handle on the new foundation you have created for 2015 and a clearer picture of what you really want..

Be aware that the energy that is now coming to the planet is something that we have never seen before.  It is here to add to the foundation you have started.  With that knowledge, it is important to find new ways to incorporate this energy into the very fabric of your being.  Like this publication's name, you need to learn to weave this new energy into the tapestry of your life.  To quote some of the lyrics, written by Carole King (hopefully some of you will remember):

“My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue

An ever lasting vision of the ever changing view

A wondrous, woven magic in bits of blue and gold

A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold”

All your experiences make up your life's tapestry.  There is nothing to be wasted, nothing to change.  Grab onto the magic and take the next step.  Learn what it means to ALLOW.  Sounds simple, doesn't it?  However, you like to control the how, the why and the when of things.  Admit it.  Underneath that “I don't care” demeanor is the control freak!  Giving up control feels like you'll be out of control   That's NOT true.  Giving up control means you'll get away from the old thoughts and actions that have already proven to you that they don't work.  Allowing this new energy in will help you, like the song says, to feel and see, without the worry of trying to hold!

Know that 2015 can be your best year yet!  It promises to help you, with all others who are thinking, acting, and feeling like you, to begin creating a world where peace will be the outcome.  No matter what you say you really want, peace is part of that formula.

Your next step is allowing this new energy to enter into your being – physical and spiritual.  When you  have a twinge or discomfort in your physical body, allow the energy to move on through and be grateful for how short lived the discomfort is.  Breathe through these changes with the light of this new energy allowing all of it to move through you and back out to the universe.  When you start feeling things that don't seem to be yours, know that the energy is working with your spiritual self.  At these times, it is important to allow yourself to embrace those feelings so that they can also move through your energy and back out to the universe.  Allow yourself to believe in the impossible.  You have more abilities than you know, and it is time to learn how to use them.  Open your heart and find within yourself the courage and patience to take the next step.

If you're working on finding your next step and wish to share your experience or ask for some guidance, let me know.


Sue Yarmey – Energy Translator/Channel/Psychic
Sue has been interpreting universal energy for more than 40 years. She offers guidance for the 3D world by accessing the various faceted levels of energy. Using all her sensory perceptions as well as occasional physical tools she counsels people in the now, offering insight into the current dynamics of a situation acting as a reflection of a persons lessons. Sue is a 1975 graduate of the Institute of Psychorientology, and a shaktipat initiate of Anandi Ma. She was Portland, Maine’s original radio psychic with an educational call-in show and on-air readings. She developed a 3-hour call in show on metaphysical topics, did call in readings on WTHT and daily “Tarot of the Day” updates. FMI: Sue Yarmey, 207-284-9498, www.sueyarmey.comor


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