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Spiritual Gardening, An Introduction with Maureen McGrath

Once upon a time, there was a strong connection between humans and garden spirits. They worked “co-creatively” on Mother Earth in order to maintain the energetic balance, so important to Her and our survival.  As the centuries flew by, and humankind became more industrialized, that connection waned; but there were some who never lost it. Now we are in the Age of Aquarius, shifting fromthe Piscean Age, which was dominated by hierarchy and power.  The result is our consciousness is changing and our connection abilities are being heightened.This change to the Aquarian age is so important because it is shifting the astrological conditions for the entire planet. Every person on Mother Earth has been and will be profoundly affected.

There is a whole world of garden spirits, ethereal beings, Elementals, and Devas amongst us who are only too happy to work with us in our gardens – all we have to do is ask for their help. The best way to get connected to them is by meditation, which will help you become grounded and raise your energetic vibration for an easier connection to them and Mother Earth. One way I have found to do this is through the following meditation that I channeled in years ago. I find it very helpful when preparing myself for working with the garden spirits.

Grounding Meditation

Sit comfortably, feet flat on the floor, or lie down, clasp your hands together to form a circle with your arms and rest on your legs, eyes closed – do not crossyour arms or legs (this is an energy blocker). Take three deep breaths – in through your nose, hold to count of three, out through your mouth. Visualize a cord from coming from each of your seven chakras:

7thCrown on the top of your head

6th Third Eye between your eyes

5th Throat

4th Heart

3rd Solar Plexus

2nd Sacral a few inches under the belly button

1st Root at the base of your spine

Visualize sending them down your spine, into Mother Earth. Once the 7 cords reach Mother Earth:

1-Send your Crown Chakra cord to Mother Earth’s crown to Mt. Kailas in the Himalayas, Tibet

2-Send The Third eye chakra cord to Western Europe near Stonehenge (this chakra moves every 200 years or so).

3-Send the Throat chakra cord to the Great Pyramid, Mount Sinai, and Mount Olives (Middle East)

4-Send the Heart Chakra cord to Glastonbury and Shaftesbury England

5-Send the Solar plexus chakra cord to Manipura- Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Australia

6-Send the Sacral chakra cord to Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru

7-Send the root Chakra cord to Mt. Shasta, California

Picture creating many lateral roots going sideways from these seven cords, going into the Earth on the way to the chakras. This should resemble the root system of a large tree. Once you see the cords have arrived at the Earth’s chakras, bring up the Earth’s red energy into the cords, create an opening and see it come into the bottom of your feet and toes, ankles, legs, thighs, pelvic area, body cavity, shoulders, down into your arms and crossing at your clasped hands and back up, into your neck and finally, into your head. Feel the Earth’s energy penetrating every fiber of your being.

Create an opening in your crown chakra at the top of your head, and visualize sending a silver cord up into the Universe to the Pleiades. From the Pleiades, bring down its white light energy into the top of your head, down your neck, into your shoulders, arms and back around, into your body cavity, pelvis, thighs, legs, feet and toes.

Combine the red and white energy inside your body and swirl it around, sending it out through your pores to your auric field and creating a protective bubble around you for the day. You can make this protective bubble as large as you want. Close the feet and head openings to prevent energy leakage.

Once you’ve wrapped yourself in the protective energies of Heaven and Earth, call in your highest guidance for your highest good (and anyone or anything you wish) and ask that this grounding carry you through and protect you for the day. Be sure to thank all the spirits for their protection.

Once you have done this grounding exercise, you are highly receptive to the ethereal spirits because you have raised your vibration through the grounding. This is also the perfect time to do a meditation, automatic writing, or any other esoteric exercise (i.e. Tarot, divination cards, etc.) you wish.

This meditation is all-encompassing. It offers you protection for the day, creates a perfect channel between you and the spirit world, and most importantly, raises your vibration. It is something you should alwaysdo before stepping into your garden, or doing ceremony. The garden spirits will be attracted to your elevated energetic presence. And since you’ve become more of an open channel, listento what the spirits, Mother Earth, the plants themselves, and the garden, have to say to you. Namaste’

This is just one suggestion of a meditation that you can do to raise your vibration. It creates an easier connection to the etheric world. I’ve found that by connecting my chakras to Mother Earth’s, the information that I receive is much more powerful. I am able to receive all that I need to co-creatively garden.

It is equally as important to prepare one’s self energetically for garden work as it is having the right tools to do the job.  Once the connection has been made, the information flows with ease and you are more aware of what your plants need. There are many ways to proceed.  Since I am a channeler, I am most comfortable sitting with my journal, getting connected to the garden spirits by calling in my highest guidance for my highest good, all who walk with me, and also ask to be connected to the Overlighting Deva, all the garden spirits of the garden I am about to work in, then sit with my journal and write down the information they have to tell me.  I also ask that this information come freely once I step in the garden so that I do all the work that is needed for that particular day. Once you are connected by the grounding meditation, use any method that works for you.

Your awareness has now been heightened, your connectedness has reached the point to where once you step in that garden; everything changes.  Listen. Feel. Be barefoot if you can, as this increases your groundedness. Be aware of the new sensations, sounds. Do you feel a garden spirit brush up against your cheek? Become totally at one with your surroundings, and most importantly – listen.  The information about to come to you will be very important for the health of all your plantings, for they are about to come alive and talk to you. Trust the first thing you hear and feel. The communication has begun and you are in their world now.  They will tell you what they need and what you need to do to help them. You may even receive some important information for yourself.

Do not be discouraged if this doesn’t happen the first time you enter your garden. Things may take time. Your energy is changing, being heightened by your grounding, and once you (and they) get used to these new sensations, the lines of communication will open and strengthen.

The connectedness between you and the garden not only raises the vibration of the garden, but also the gardener.  As gardens and humans raise their vibration, that positive energy will connect, thereby raising the vibration of Mother Earth at the same time.  If there are enough spiritual gardeners raising the vibrations of their gardens, the network begins and that positive energy will seek like-energy, hence, restarting apositive energetic grid of Mother Earth, something that is desperately needed.  That energy transmits positivity not only to the earth, but to all the beings walking and planted on it.  That energy is infused in the flowers, trees, vegetables, etc. from these spiritual gardens. When you eat the vegetable, you are not only receiving the nutrition you need, but also positive energy from the plant.  The plantings, which inhale carbon monoxide and exhale oxygen, will now be providing more positive energy to our bodies.

If we work “co-creatively” with the garden spirits, we are on our way to bringing both Mother Earth and ourselves back into balance. In future articles, we will “dig” into how to spiritually garden…


Maureen McGrath, owner of Grandmother Moon LLC, has been gardening for over 40 years, from creating her own self-sufficient farm to becoming a Master Gardener. Exposure to the Findhorn and Perelandra gardening principles, validated her practice of “intuitive gardening” that was always present. Her mission: working co-creatively with the Elementals, the Nature Spirits, to help restore energetic balance to Mother Earth, one garden at a time.”

Facebook page: Grandmothermoon LLC


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