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Six Cats and Exploring the Art of Being Present

One day, a few months ago, I was sitting in my living room with my attention pointed towards my cell phone checking my emails, Facebook, etc.  I was very engrossed, responding to clients as well as posting updates of upcoming animal communication / healing sessions.  I then happened to look up and realized that I had my entire feline family, all six of them, sitting in a semicircle in front of me.

“We are having a council meeting to tell you that you need to slow down and be present…. You must.”

In all the time that we have been together, we have had many conversations.  They have given me advice, but usually one on one.  This was different.  They came together with words of wisdom that they felt were imperative to my wellbeing.  If any of you thought that being an animal communicator gets you off the hook with all things animal… it is quite the opposite.

My partial understanding or at least what I was willing to recognize (because I will admit that I knew to what level they were instructing me to slow down) was to do fewer events this year and spend more time at home. Okay, I agreed that we had a very busy last few years and being home more often would be nice. Meanwhile, I’m still not being totally honorable or present with my feline family… or myself, for that matter. I know I am not fooling anyone but I keep saying things like, ”Right after this, I will  be right with you.” I cringed every time I said it but still kept falling into that pattern. That is imbalance and I knew it.

Does it make a difference if this preoccupation is about animal communication and helping others? The answer is no… and the deluge of imbalance started pouring in.

I will list you the series of events that happened next. I had a leak in my roof that went directly into my router, resulting in no internet.  My laptop had malware issues. My furnace started making very loud backfiring noises and stopped working on the coldest day we had this past winter in Maine. My beautiful cat, Cleome, got an abscess in her mouth and so did I… at the same time.  We both had a hard time healing our abscesses and, if we were facing each other, our swollen faces mirrored each other’s.  I also broke three cell phones in the past two months… dropped two and stepped on one. My replacement phone came in not working and even now I am told they are on back order. I am using my cracked loaner phone until then. The routers I have brought home are not compatible with my computer, even though my internet company says they should be.  Do you think that this is getting my attention?  At this point I am forced to be away from technology and you know what?  It feels good!  I could feel my body relax almost immediately.  I could not be available 24/7 to everyone… just us… my beautiful family.

I actually had to write this article with pen and paper and even with that, every time I attempted to write, one of my cats would lay down on it, immediately.  My original article was actually on a different topic.  It was not until I started writing about this experience that they actually let me write.  This article is Spirit driven.  I am grateful for my wonderful editor who gave me an extension.  Thank you!

I was falling in a trap of focusing so much on giving that my feline family saw that I was becoming out of balance.  I am very fortunate to have such an in tune group of individuals with me… and this is not the first time that they have come together to help me.

Several years ago, my Mother, who was one of the closest people in my life, passed away in an accident. Everything happened so quickly.  My brothers and I were in the hospital all night and when I came home in the morning, I did not know what to do next.  I was in shock that someone so close to me was ripped from my everyday existence. I fully understood that she was in a safe and beautiful place…. It was just that my landscape was forever changed.  I went to bed and lay down.  Immediately, my amazing cats came around me and snuggled so close to me that I was like a swaddled infant.  One of them stayed at the foot of my bed keeping guard like a sentinel. This is the first time they had ever done anything like this.  They continued for several months and then, gradually, they started to take turns being there for me. How amazingly nurturing of them… and because of that I slept peacefully every night.

Many times people tell me that the cats in their lives are lying around all day doing nothing. I know that what they are doing much of that time is creating energetic balance in the home and for the family. So many of us are busy and bring energetic imbalance home. They are amazing energy healers… even better than having a Reiki master coming into your home every day (which would be a wonderful blessing) because they have a keener sense of what you personally need. Many animals do this work.  Cats just happen to look like they are sleeping when they are doing it.

This next story is about how a highly connected horse saved his human companion’s life in a most unexpected way.  I have been given permission to share this very private story, as long as I do not use any names. This story unfolded in ways I never expected but was honored to be entrusted with.

I was contacted by a family to see if I could help find out why a horse threw his human companion off of him, causing her to break many bones and be in a body cast for six months. The two had always been so close.  This woman loved her horse companion, but was now afraid because they could not find any medical reason why he had acted this way, all of a sudden, on this particular day.  I learned a couple of very big lessons when I met up with them… the first being that I should always make sure that the person in question wants me there.

We met as a group -- the woman, the horse and the family members who contacted me on the woman’s behalf.  As I was doing the reading two things became apparent.  First, the woman was upset that I was there and let it be known.  And second, while the horse was revealing to me why he’d thrown her off, he was also showing me an image in my mind’s eye of a young girl, 4 or 5 years of age, standing to the right of him.  He put a cloak in front of her to shield her. He informed me that this was the same woman as a child.  He let me know that she had been abused as a child and that, while she was angrily telling everyone that she didn’t believe a word I was saying, what was actually happening was that she really believed that I did know what I was talking about and was afraid that I might expose her childhood secret to her family.  The cloak was a sign for me not to say anymore, letting me know that I was to walk away to make her feel safe.

I made a promise long ago that when I speak on behalf of animals that I would always respect their wishes -- saying whatever they wanted (or not saying whatever they wanted,) even if it might make me look like a fool. It is my contract with them and I honor it.

Although I would never have shared what I saw in mixed company and I am always guided to gently bring forward information to the person in question if needed, the things I had been saying in the reading were making the woman nervous.  She connected with me at a later time to let me know she understood the reading and wished to continue privately.

The reason this highly connected horse threw her, he said, was because she could not break a lifetime pattern of being in abusive relationships.  The woman confirmed that she had been in an abusive relationship at the time of the accident. When she was in the body cast, her partner left her.  And when she healed… she healed on many levels and she attracted a caring and loving relationship.

It may be hard to understand but this horse showed me that when this all transpired that day, he was letting the Universe flow through him for her higher good, making sure she was as safe as possible. While she thought that he was trying to kill her… he was actually carefully saving her.

I am sure many of you have heard the expression… if you don’t listen to what the Universe is trying to tell you, it is going to come knocking harder and harder.  This woman’s experiences confirmed that, as have my own recent experiences.

This brilliant horse knew what was coming. He actually used his body and energy to shield this woman even though, to everyone else, it looked like he was trying to harm her.  They are closer than ever now and the trust they place in each other is magical.

The Animal Kingdom has a beautiful and egoless way of letting the Universe flow through them and that is actually how a big part of how I communicate with them. Yes, we talk about what food they like and how they feel physically but they have such a spiritual message to offer and many times it is for the human in their lives.

I encourage you to be present with your animal friend and explore what flows through you for information…listen closely with your heart and open mind.



Kathryn Drage is an Animal Communicator who resides in Gardiner, Maine. She has been communicating with animals and nature since early childhood. For the last 20 years Kathryn has also worked in the holistic health field, which enhances the information she shares from the heart. During a session, Kathryn infuses her wisdom, many healing modalities as well as past experiences to help assist with the well being of the receiver. She truly enjoys teaching workshops on a variety of topics. She believes Animal Communication is everyone’s original language and the more that it’s shared the closer it brings all beings into harmony and balance. She can be contacted at and


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