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Rock Talk: Transformation, "Break on Through to the Other Side"

 “Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.” ~Nia Peeples

When thinking about Transformation; evolving from one form to another, it’s awe-inspiring to look toward nature. The natural world is in constant flux, though at times, as in winter, it appears all is still, quiet and undisturbed; yet deep below the surface life is stirring, waiting for the right conditions to burst forth. Each spring is breathtaking and simply amazing to observe. Here in the Northeast just when we think the endless blanket of white and cold will never go away….it does; at first painfully slow but then seemingly from one day to the next Spring has arrived with all her glorious new growth miraculously breaking through; the promise of Spring has been kept once again. All is green.  All is well. Our beautiful Earth makes this incredible journey of transformation each and every year, without fail. To celebrate the blessings of Spring, new growth and fertility gather up all your green stones and crystals; sacred symbols to the spring earth goddesses, bring them out doors to absorb the fresh air, sunshine and vibrant energy of the season, paying homage to the earth.

There are many opportune times in the course of the year to begin a transformation; an evolution to whom and what we are meant to be.  Taking a cue from nature with the arrival of spring can often initiate or encourage a time of transforming body, mind and spirit; emotionally, spiritually or physically. Sometimes transformation is forced upon us, pushing us to the outer edges of our limited expectations and beyond. Other times we sense or yearn for change on the deepest levels of our being. Whether by choice or circumstance our crystals and stones can assist in the process of personal transformation; in fact some are known to be great facilitators of such a time. Three stones considered to be “stones of transformation” are Tektite, Moldavite and Malachite. Each will lend themselves as guides at a time of major shifts in experience leading to a profound change in awareness on the path to self-discovery.  While many people report fascinating, easily navigated, yet massive breakthroughs with these stones, some report extreme, explosive, emotionally challenging experiences. It is suggested to work with one of these at a time, prepare for any eventuality, seek support and practice self-care.  May you “Break on through to the other side” with grace and ease.

Tektite: Carried or worn as talismans for thousands of years, considered lucky and magickal by tribal elders of many cultures, Tektites are meteoric glasses formed from extreme melting, cooling and pressure of asteroids, comets or meteorites impacting the earth resulting in clouds of molten silicate droplets of this glassy, dark brown, black or green material resembling obsidian. The name derives from the Greek tektosdefined as ‘melted’ or ‘molten’. Due to their ‘other worldly’ origins Tektites are thought to be links to communicating with other beings in the cosmos and to facilitate travel through time and space to gain information and knowledge. Tektites are also thought to increase and reinforce communication with other people as well as our highest self; digging into the root of a situation for understanding and spiritual development on the deepest level to achieve, at last, a sense of completion of an issue or situation. Tektites strengthen the energetic field, balance the male and female aspect within and increase our inner Light. Tektites have been employed to increase prosperity and growth in all aspirations. (For detailed and interesting information about the chemical analysis, origin and more about Tektites visit

Primary Aspects: Telepathy, Insight, Awakening

Light Ray:  White

Element: Storm


Locale: The Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Middle East, Africa, China

Genre: Shock Rock

Moldavite: If we are ready, willing and able to face our limiting beliefs and behaviors once and for all, then Moldavite is the stone of choice, often not a choice but making itself known loud and clear via one avenue or another. Moldavite’s reputation for speeding up one’s spiritual development is well deserved. The reports from those who work with it are varied and enthusiastic; ready for a breakthrough? Get a piece of Moldavite! This opaque glassy stone in shades of light to deep forest green is found by farmers in what are known as “strew fields” in the Czech Republic, Moldova and Germany by sifting/digging.  Moldavite falls into the Tektite category with many theories of its origins. In his book Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation, Robert Simmons gives great detail regarding Moldavite’s chemical composition and origin theories from a scientific and geological point of view. Much debate prevails and research is on-going. Whether Moldavite arrived by meteoric impact, lunar volcano eruption, comets, lightning or some other occurrence, one thing remains; humans have held it in high regard for many thousands of years. Moldavite tools and adornments have been found in archeological dig sites with items dating back 25,000 years. Those who have enlisted Moldavite to fuel their path to enlightenment, spiritual development and healing report the following: major shifts in consciousness, discovering spiritual purpose, blockage clearing/alignment/activation of the chakras, higher self and/or extraterrestrial communication, information downloads, dream enhancement/recall, clear direction, courage, synchronistic events, rapid release of all that is no longer needed, deep sense of peace, protection and trust in the Divine. And more! Everyone’s experience will be unique.

Primary Aspects: Transformation, Evolution, Purgative

Light Ray: Green


Chakra:All (Heart, Third Eye, Crown, Etheric highlighted)

Locale: “Strew fields” Czech Republic, Moldova, Germany

Genre: Shock Rock

Malachite: A stunning deep green stone with lighter and darker shades of green and black in bands, circles and fantastic designs. Malachite’s folk name is Malaku, deriving from the Greek malachemeaning ‘mallow’ due to its resemblance to that herbs’ leaves. Found in oxidized zones of copper deposits, it is a common secondary mineral often occurring with Azurite, Chalcopyrite, Chrysocolla, Cuprite and occasionally Turquoise. Some believe Malachite is energetically still evolving and will present itself as a premiere, important and especially powerful stone for healing in coming years. Some believe it already isone of the foremost healers on earth available today. Either way, people have employed this beauty for eons as talismans, tools, jewelry, sacred and decorative items. Due to the intricate patterns on the stone, often resembling an eye, it was thought to protect from the effects of the “evil eye”, these ‘eyes’ are also said to hold certain truths if we wish to delve in and discover them through scrying.  It is said to provide physical and emotional balance; keeping one from falling or tripping as well as from falling into emotional traps. Malachite is known for its ability to shield one from negative/unwanted energies, radiating its energy to saturate our auric field acting as a filter, protecting and purifying. Malachite promotes inner peace, calmness and hope. Being a carrier of yang (male) energy it assists in overcoming self-imposed limitations due to past disappointment and encourages creativity, courage, strength and will power. To experience expansion of the ability to love, wear Malachite touching the skin at the heart chakra. Known as the “sales person’s stone” it is suggested to have the stone at one’s place of business and in the pocket during business meetings.

Malachite is also thought to be a “traveler’s stone” guarding travelers from mishap and warning of approaching danger by breaking into pieces, ensuring a safe journey. Additionally Malachite teaches about the cycles of life on Earth in relation to nature, human nature and our place in the cosmos and will relay information and wisdom to seekers.  Be advised: Malachite is potentially toxic and should not be ingested. 

Primary Aspects: Power, Protection, Success

Light Ray: Green


Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart

Locale: Earthwide; most notablyRussia, Romania, Middle East, South Africa, U.S.

Genre: Heavy Metal


Dede Eaton: Specializing in the Primus Activation Healing Technique since 2007, Dede incorporates her twenty-five plus years of metaphysical study, experience and teaching to offer her clients a safe, non-judgmental space to begin or enhance their journey to healing; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Dede offers a variety of on-going classes and meditation groups as well as private one to one sessions and spiritual events. She has owned and operated The Magick Closet, Purveyor of Spiritual Goods since 2003, now an on-line shop, Magick Heart Healing, her private healing and teaching practice since 2007, is the creator of The Enlightenment Expo, held each Spring and Fall since 2011, is the founder of United Light Workers of Greater Portland and was co-director of Magick Bridges Spiritual Enrichment and Healing Arts Center from November 2011-April 2013. Dede is honored to be on the board of directors of The HeartGlow Center and columnist for Inner Tapestry Journal. She joy-fully resides in Portland ME with her husband, daughter and felines. Please visit her website at:

The use of crystals and stones should not replace the advice of your medical or mental health care provider.
Genre Category based on the soon to be released reference guide
Rock Talk: An Aging Rock Chick’s Guide to Crystals & Stones by Dede Eaton. All Rights Reserved.
Elemental correspondences based on the work of Naisha Ahsian.
The Crystal Ally Cards; The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge 1995.
Light Ray correspondences based on/inspired by William C. Stuber.
Gems of the Seven Color Rays; A Comprehensive Guide to Healing with Gems 2001.


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