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Listening to Evolved Wisdom with a Cat on My Head: Eartha

Mornings are an amazing time. The world just comes to life in a whole new way. Our potential is renewed.

It is a sunny morning… mid-August in Maine.  Crickets, bees and cicadas are holding a lovely, background toning sound as the birds chime in with their own contribution of melodies -- none louder this morning than the blue jays.  I should not fail to mention the violin-like concerto of the fly, the every-once-in-awhile thud of a ripe peach falling off of the fruit laden tree and the osprey pitching in tunes and then moving away. This is always a bittersweet time. I want to hold on to this season and it also brings me back to magical summer days of my youth.  Everything was possible as I was free to dream beyond our logical everyday life. Because of that time, I was very open to animals’ and nature’s communication language.  I got to engage in it daily and without inhibitions.

As I sit here mesmerized by the sounds, colors and smells of this promisingly sultry summer day, I think…what can I say?  What can I write to those of you who have gone through a huge life change of having a beloved cross through to the spirit world?  There are so many of you that have experienced this.  When this article comes out it will be a time of harvest and reflection and my goal is to find the words to touch some of you to help bring some peace, hope and a glimpse of understanding.

I would like to go back to my last article with Inner Tapestry Journal.  My beautiful felines had sat me down to tell me to slow down… and then a deluge of events occurred which caused me to slow down.  Well, I have never doubted their wisdom… and now I see that the extent to which they helped prepare me for what was to come is astounding.

What has happened is that the biggest vortex of “crossing through” has opened and is actually still open.  To help make this clear for those of you new to this knowledge, there is a vortex that opens that makes it easier for beings to cross over (or “cross through,” as the animals call it.)  I have found that it opens about twice a year…. I know this when the calls I receive for sessions are about ill or missing animal companions.  In my experience, it usually occurs in the Springtime as well as late Summer and Autumn… Autumn being the biggest one.  There is a sacred contract that happens and illnesses show up quickly.  Animal companions go missing and are not to be found. I am told by the ones who have crossed through that the passage is loving and fulfilling. They are in a state of knowing and peace.  They either want to start fresh and continue with what they were doing or just “be” for awhile. (I also understand that time is a human thing and that is why I say for awhile… because most of us can’t understand the experience of no time.)

What my feline mentors were getting me prepared for was, as I said, the biggest vortex of this kind that I have ever experienced. I had to be ready for the amount of calls I would get about beloveds being ill or crossing through. It was daily and many. The technology that I was used to using on a daily basis had been cut back drastically by what seemed like unfortunate incidences. (I knew better.)  But because of it, I was in balance and prepared on many levels to offer my best assistance, as it was requested, without draining my energy.

The animal kingdom is telling me that it is harder on us than it is on them. They understand and accept the bigger picture. When they cross through, they have many opportunities to evolve and grow spiritually.  They are then able to assist in guiding us and others, helping us to evolve.  Some choose to come back in a physical form.  Whatever form they choose is to allow them to experience from a different perspective.  You may have also noticed at this time that many new babies have come along or are on the way… of every species.  That is all part of this amazing Vortex.

Some animals have shown me that when they crossed through, it was a time for them to go back to their original state… and that is a state where they and their human companion are actually one Soul (not originally separate beings.)  One amazing horse stated that he was with his human companion to allow her tobe able to see herself… in all her beauty and magnificence. The egoless world of animals can easily see this and we humans usually cannot.I recognize that it is a lot for our human minds to wrap around this concept.  I was amazed with this information, but it feels so authentic to every fiber of my being that I experience it as a “knowing” rather than something I try to make sense of with my logical mind. So the beauty and love this woman saw in her beloved horse was actually teaching her a way to love and cherish herself. It is one of the most beautiful things that I have learned this year.  I am in awe and humbled by what happens around us.

For some of you who experienced a loss, there was an unexpected suddenness.  To us, there seems no rational explanation, but I am assured by these beautiful animals in spirit that this is truly part of a beautiful plan… that they truly have peace and had the exact experience they came here to have. They are grateful to those of you who feel like you have been left without, and left with a deep sadness. They say that you have taken the hardest part of the sacred contract that you have made together for this lifetime. “Blessed be… you are not alone and you are divine.”  I hope you take heart in the story and message from the animal kingdom to help find peace if needed… whether you have experienced someone crossing through to the Spirit World or not.

The next part of this column is in the paws of the lovely and wise Eartha “Song of the Heart.”  She has requested some space that she would like to call “Eartha’s Wisdom Corner.“  Eartha is a beautiful tortoiseshell feline, with amazing double front paws, which I have the privilege of living with.  When Eartha and her siblings were born, their names came to me in a meditation.  Their full names symbolize the wisdom they have come here to share.  Here is wisdom from Eartha.

Eartha’s Wisdom Corner

“My name is Eartha Song of The Heart and I am very happy to be sharing with all of you. I would like to speak to you about the Song of Your Heart. The theme of this edition of our Journal is about reflection. My question to you is…as you reflect on your life, year etc…are you singing the Song of Your Heart?  You may or may not know the answer in your logical mind. You may also ask yourselves the questions of... what is the Song of My Heart or do I have one?  I assure you that you do.  We all do and we find it and gauge it through our feeling /emotional senses.  It is as simple as … if you do not feel a sense of ease in your life, that feeling is telling you to change your navigation.  Sometimes that may just mean your perspective. Comparing yourself to someone else or thinking you are behind or ahead of where you are meant to be is also telling you that you are due to change the course of navigation in your perspective. Singing the Song of Your Heart can be done from where you are right this moment or from clear across the World.  The key will be in your perspective.  Keep turning that navigational perspective until you feel that sense of ease in your being…then you are there.We are all brilliant lights and can shine if we choose to.  It is your decision and yours alone.  What do you choose to do?  I will be fine with whatever you choose because I choose to shine my light. I understand that I am responsible for the energy I put out. When we take responsibility for the energy we put out we are creating peace and co-creating a more unified peace with others that choose to shine their light.  I send you blessings.    ~ Eartha

I reflect upon an extraordinary time of awakening and learning.  Every experience that I have with the animal kingdom leaves me humbled -- with new information for myself and to share with others. I, as always, thank them for their openness and honesty as well as love. Namaste


Kathryn Drage is an Animal Communicator who resides in Gardiner, Maine. She has been communicating with animals and nature since early childhood. For the last 20 years Kathryn has also worked in the holistic health field, which enhances the information she shares from the heart. During a session, Kathryn infuses her wisdom, many healing modalities as well as past experiences to help assist with the well being of the receiver. She truly enjoys teaching workshops on a variety of topics. She believes Animal Communication is everyone’s original language and the more that it’s shared the closer it brings all beings into harmony and balance. She can be contacted at and


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