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I AM Free…Please Join Me

Do you have a voice that says you cannot do or be what you dream? Does your Mind tell you, you need to struggle? Wouldn’t it be great to silence that voice? What about the fears that are telling you to stay small? I want to create a bridge for you between what you think you know (what you’ve been taught and accepted as “reality”) and a greater truth that will set you free!

You possess a greater personal power within waiting to be embraced! Yet you may have lost your connection to that truth. How? We gradually agree to boundaries within and upon our lives … boundaries set by our parents, society, our own minds. We put ourselves into boxes without realizing it.

Would you like to find your inner true essence? The good news is it’s neither impossible nor difficult. In finding that part of YOU that makes you feel truly alive you will have found your purpose and become a gift to others and to yourself! All attained by just being your TRUE self. This give new implications to “thinking outside of the box”! What will you find?

As I rejected the boundaries and boxes I had agreed to live within, a memory of healing myself as a toddler and being told to “never do that again!” surfaced.  I was able to reconnect with that part of myself. In expanding my view of myself, others, and what is possible in this physical reality, the gift I believe I am here to share began to flow in, of and through me as naturally and intuitively as breathing.

One key in my getting from stressed-out workaholic to embracing my essence of BEing was realizing I didn’t need to BE or DO more. Contemplating “we are eternal beings having a human experience” finally ignited a light bulb above my head. In remembering who I AM I also remembered who each of you are. We are all unlimited …no ONE better, no ONE lesser! 

You are Bigger than your Body

I think that filters, conditioning, and negativity can prevent us from seeing ourselves as “eternal beings” We may not remember we are part of the All That Is, but we are. I see us in a kind of play, with other eternal souls. Like children playing house (you be the mom and I’ll be the daughter; next time you be the brother and I’ll be the sister; or on a larger scale, you be the “cop” and I’ll be the “robber”) we face opportunities and challenges with, for and through others. We each and all come from and animate our lives from the same Source/Light/God.

We Are All Connected

Have you ever thought of a friend or loved one and then receive a call or text from them? This is a physical example of our energetic/emotional connectedness. We are not “lone riders in the storm”. What you think about others matters, and what you think about yourself is key. As you heal, I heal and visa versa. There is a Master Plan which serves the good of the sum total. Sometimes it’s just not all about us.

Things Happen Not TO Us but FOR Us

Sometimes when things don’t go as WE plan, we can be quick to judge it as “terrible”. Yet how many times, in hindsight, can we see how life’s challenges have pushed us to find a greater part of ourselves we may not have otherwise discovered? Perhaps it’s even saved us from something far worse that could have happened.

What if, when “bad things happen to us” it is not about getting stuck in the muck … it’s about getting to the point at which we realize how strong we are to have survived? Given our eternal nature, think of the power of forgiving “the other” for this immediate situation, and, on another level, ourselves for the myriad times we have been in the role of “the other”. In that moment, we know the pain from both perspectives. When we are unable or refuse to forgive another, we are ultimately denying ourselves forgiveness. My gift is in helping others release this inner turmoil carried by the adult and/or inner-child consciousness.

 “You’re Never Too Old to Have a Happy Childhood”

Not sure who said this, but I concur!  If you’ve had a difficult childhood, you still have the opportunity to have the loving parent you always longed for … YOU! Being conscious of negative self-talk is the first step to eliminating it. Don’t continue the put-downs you may have hated hearing from your parents and/or bullies. Life’s path has brought you to this moment in which you can choose to change your life in an instant by loving yourself UNconditionally. As you change your view of yourself to be more loving, it’s much easier to give and accept the love of others.

You Cannot Change the World, but when You Change the Way You SEE the World, the World Changes

Why not see yourself as unlimited? Take a few minutes each day in quiet contemplation to soar like a bird. See your life and the world around you from a higher perspective. Realize how much you have to offer. Only YOU have the unique qualities your soul is here to offer. From this space, we can most often find our Higher Purpose and live from our greatest bandwidth of joy. It’s not egotistical to find what makes your soul sing and choose to express it! It is ultimately why you are here, now.

Reflect on these truths. What do they mean to you? What simple shift of perspective can yield huge benefits for you? In every moment you have a choice. That is where your power lies! BE the best YOU, you can be. No one else can do it for you! It may be easier than you. Whom does it serve to stay small?  We are all connected, so I say NO ONE. LIVE your life with love and abandon.


Kristi Borst has been sharing her healing gift through international radio broadcasts, written messages, public speaking, love-based healing “Energy-in-Form” fractal artwork, and private/group healing sessions. Kristi is able to transform the meta-physical … enabling others to release energetic blocks manifesting as physical pain, emotional trauma, karmic debts and/or ancestral burdens. Kristi named her unique intuitive energy healing modality Perspective Reboot® because of the ease and grace with which her audience and clients experience shifts toward better wellness or wholeness. You can contact Kristi via her web site www.PerspectiveReboot.Us


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