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How can the Qabalah experience help you live a more authentic life?

When was the last time you felt alive and vibrant? If the answer is not "today" or "right now" then maybe you are not living with authenticity. What is keeping you from living a better life? We are all living life and engaging in relationships to the level we feel we deserve. That may be a hard truth to accept especially if your life circumstances are not all that desirable. We live according to our beliefs. Are you overwhelmed with debt? Are your personal and professional relationships less than satisfying? What is the root cause of of the level of satisfaction you are experiencing in your life right now? The answer could be rooted self-love and understanding of who you really are, a Spark of the Divine.

Subconscious beliefs sabotage success. This is not a new idea. So what do you do about it? Therapy? Meditation? Yoga? Answering these questions requires reflection on previous choices, beliefs, and your inner voice. To be authentic is to let go of the things that are holding us back, the things that we are not. These are conditioned belief systems we are ‘programmed’ with in childhood and through life experiences. It requires a lot of reflection which in turn raises awareness of your thought patterns and beliefs that trigger your subconscious behavior and inner self-talk. Think of your inner voice as a real person sitting beside you and talking to you the same way you talk to yourself. Would you want to hang around with this person? Probably not.

How about the teachings of Qabalah? These sacred teachings help you to better organize your thoughts, beliefs, and your everyday life. It includes the ancient teachings about ourselves, our Universe, and creation. When I am asked to describe how Qabalah is used in self transformation I say it is “a process of unbecoming.” It's unlearning all the things you were taught growing up as a child. These are things that the adults around you would show you about the world and tell you about yourself.

As a child you have no reference point and think the adults have it all figured out and must know you or see something in you. Sometimes they are wrong. Often what they show us and tell us about ourselves are just reflections of themselves and where they are at in their lives. As a child you don't know any better so you believe what you are told. This is especially powerful when it comes to messages we receive about our self worth and our lovability. Qabalah explores all aspects of our lives and ourselves, especially the subconscious and how we repeat the same patterns and sabotage our dreams, financial success, and relationships. This includes letting go of the expectations that others have put on us external forces that create pressure on us to behave and act a certain way. Have you ever felt that?

Qabalah is not just about studying information and facts. The Hermetic, or Universal, way of Qabalah is about experiencing the energy for yourself and having it change you in positive ways. Thirty days gives plenty of opportunity to assess and experience the energy and how it impacts our lives.

Let’s discuss Malkuth/Kingdom, the bottom sphere on the tree as an example of transforming your physical world. Malkuth is the sphere of the physical, the 4 elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. It represents the physical world in which we live. It is your physical body, home, and environment. It represents the perfected word the creator had in mind which is reflected in our actual physical world. As above, so below. How is your living space? How is your health, are you exercising and taking vitamins? Are you eating live, vibrant foods or junk food? Our outer world is a reflection of our internal state and vice versa. Changing your outer environment greatly impacts your internal state as well.

As a personal example, I have recently begun to actively discard all the things in my home that no longer serve me or give me joy. I keep the things that inspire me. My first week I discarded 44 bags of trash, 3 bags and 3 boxes of books donated, and 8 bags of clothes donated as well. I am embarrassed to admit that I still have much more! This is after reading, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Upby Marie Kondo. You can also look up “KonMari Method” on the internet if you want more information.

At first it was difficult to sleep in my room after discarding so much oppressive clutter and excess clothing. Now I find it so relaxing to sit in all that open space and look at things that inspire me and make me happy. Feeling more energetic, I have started to make green smoothies and cook at home more instead of fast food which in turn is saving money. Fewer things means less time moving and managing “stuff” and more time doing things that feed your soul; things that are fulfilling and inspiring.

What do you think would happen if you tried this for yourself? There is another aspect to your physical body and that is your unique energy imprint. This is give to you at the time of you birth and is reflected in you Human Design chart. You can look up Human Design for more information or contact me with your birth information for a free chart.There is much more to learn about this sphere. This article provides simple examples for the everyday person to relate to and think about.


Valerie is an intuitive life coach, esoteric teacher, and Qabalist. As an international channel, she provides guidance to clients through healing sessions, workshops, and readings. Valerie has over 18  years experience as a registered nurse with her Bachelor’s in Nursing and is also a graduate of the Ancient Ways Modern Powers Program by the 7th Ray Mystery School. Valerie has been teaching and coaching since 1997, helping people understand the complex human body, disease process, and how to make lifestyle changes impacting their health in a simple, easy to understand format so they can be successful in managing their mental, emotional, and physical health. Valerie seeks to educate, empower, heal, and coach others as they grow into a more authentic lifestyle. Are you ready to make a positive change? www.alokahac.comand


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