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Combining The Spiritual and The Physical Realms

“We are totally interconnected… the minute you change your consciousness the 

consciousness of the entire universe changes.” ~ Ram Dass

When I say 'Universe' and I use that term most of the time, for me-it includes the Highest Power and all of the White-Light Helpers in all realms and galaxies. We are all part of something much grander. The merging into ONEness has such a depth to it that many are frightened by the expansion it takes to wrap one's heart around it. Notice I did not wrap one's head around it. For the biggest shift of combining the spiritual and the physical realms is shifting from thinking from the head to thinking from the heart-center. It takes an enormous leap of faith to uncover the underlying story behind this Game of Life. Faith is the fuel that moves us through the unknowing-ness of life. The rewards are many to those travelers and seekers who choose awakening over sleep walking here on Mother Earth.

My belief is that we each will get a nudge from the Universe when it is time to wake up. It will be our time to begin remembering our True Self and just why we came to this lifetime. That is when we begin our awakening journey, or spiritual quest. Before our birth we made a contract outlining the life that we would have, lessons to learn, and experiences to explore. We agreed to every detail of our Divine Life Purpose and mission. Once we were born, other people's stuff started to cloud our memory and Earth school began.

Some of you may already know that you are a seeker on a journey. Some of you have come to a place where something in you feels off, or void, incomplete, aggravated, wondering, or even questioning parts of your belief system.

Religion and spirituality are separate belief systems, one being structured and the other being expansive. Neither one is right or wrong. Take what feels right from each and release the rest. Be true to your Inner-ness by questioning everything and own what is yours and only yours.

The quest of the soul will bring synchronicity into your life, some call it coincidences. In time your verbiage will change as your thought process expands with the growth of your Soul remembrance.

The seed of your Soul remembrance was planted deep within your subconscious mind and heart. Germination begins with the stirrings of the concept that there is something more. You may begin exploring by reading books, trying classes, or visiting a Healing Fair. That uncomfortable feeling in these new spaces is the movement of the tiny sprout coming out of the seed for remembrance, moving up through the soil heading for the Light. The growing process is not an easy one. It takes time to establish a strong foundation, a root system if you will.

There are ups and downs, twists and turns, even detours as you navigate to find your North. Once you have an idea, a feel for your ship, you have grown into another phase of your journey. You have an awareness that will develop and you will begin pruning away the things that no longer serve you. This is your Higher Self at work clearing space for creative energy to bud. The seed for remembrance has grown to a seedling that stands strong with arms reaching upwardly. The potential is there to be actualized.

As you journey, there is learning, growing, releasing, and healing by doing your Inner work. On this quest you will collect Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and the discernment to know when to share, or when you should keep things inside your own heart. You will See with Love. You will Hear with Love. You will Do with Love. You will always come from a place of Love. By this time you are a long-time traveler flowing within the Frequency of Love, but you are always growing...because the journey is continuous.

Implementing everything that you have learned and what you are still learning into your every day life, is key. This integration will be fascinating and help you to achieve many of the goals and dreams that you have. You are never alone because you have a whole team of Helpers, some you will find on your own and some will find you. Either is an unfolding of a Divine plan. The transformation from the inside out is happening. The unfolding of your Authentic Self is at hand and is enhanced by the courage of standing in your OWN Power.  There you are…  in Full Bloom.

Be Real! Be yourSelf! BeYOUtiful!

Be a Light for others so they can be one too.


Michelle McDonald Vlastnik, Mystic Intuitive, Healer, Six Sensory Personal Trainer, Inner Child Advocate, Inter-dimensional Story Weaver for Soul Remembrance, Angel Abundance Ambassador of Light & Love, and an Amazon International Bestselling Author. She is passionate about her movement to help us rediscover our Authentic Self and help heal Mother Earth through the Consciousness Shift of our Frequency holding the vibration of Love. She was born and raised in Michigan, moving to Arizona in 1981. Learn more here:


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