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Raegan Savannah DeHaas

October 12, 2009 - October 22, 2017

Angel Wings at age 8 years


Raegan is a sparkly, tiny, dynamic diva! She adores laughter and will always join in when she hears it, especially if it’s her daddy or Elmo. She inspires creativity and change. Instead of buying her things she liked for her daddy and mommy to make them for her. She has a teeny tiny pinky and wraps all who meet her around it, young and old alike. She is a warrior with a fierce attitude and a commanding heart. She pushes herself to the limits of her boundaries and asks those who care for her to do the same, and then to push beyond them. She inspires growth. She inspires acceptance. She received a tracheostomy at age 3 and hated it, but worked through it until she was her happy, positive self again. She smiled through her illnesses for her mommy and held tight to her pinky when she was in the hospital. A smile was the last thing she gave her family before she passed a few minutes after. She is our “Rae-Rae” of sunshine, leaving rainbows wherever she goes. 

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