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Quentin Lieske

April 30, 2000 - July 03, 2015

Angel Wings at age 15 years


Quentin was born a fighter. He struggled with many obstacles throughout his 15 years. He was our families greatest teacher.
When Drs gave us a diagnosis and dashed our hopes and dreams he defied those statistics.

Our family did the best we knew to keep things “normal”. Never looking at what he couldn’t do but how we could make it work for him. We did it together as as family or not at all. From tractor rides with Dad, amusement park trips with his older siblings, to horseback riding with friends, We wanted him to experience it all.


Quentin was even granted a camper from the Make a Wish foundation, allowing him to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort.
Although he did not speak words, his eyes spoke millions!
His expressions and gaze for each individual were unique.
His sweet smile and laugh would brighten the darkest room.
When seizures were bad and they took away our sweet boys smile, his eyes looking for comfort, we held him in our arms, stroked his beautiful blonde hair and sang our favorite songs.

Quentin taught us patience, compassion but most of all unconditional love.

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