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Your November 2022 Horoscope with Maya White

November 2022

Aries – (March 20 – April 18) . Sometimes we have to give a little in order to gain a lot, and this is such a time for you, Aries. Yes, the giving can feel like a sacrifice, but look at is as an investment. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of November activates your 2nd and 8th houses of self-esteem, finances, and shared resources. With this dynamic event, it’s important to keep your eye on the prize. With Mars now retrograde, your general energy level is also a bit low in the early part of the month; get plenty of rest and avoid pointless conflict. Channel that energy into your creativity, which is at an all-time high.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19) The month of November brings you to that place in the road where you realize that you can’t go it alone, Taurus. Whether it’s romance or business, you need a partner to put it all together. Here’s the secret – this person needs you, too! By month’s end you get the message loud and clear as your bank account responds to the good vibes you are creating. Uranus highlights the Taurus Full Moon lunar eclipse of November 8th , paving the way for positive change. You must face your fears and reveal your vulnerability. Bravo, Taurus, because you are swimming in new, deep waters. And, like the lotus, you now blossom from the depths of your past.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19) This is your month to make headway, Gemini. Although exercise is good, if you want to get anything done you must resist the urge to run around in circles; you know, those endless errands that can waste first a day, and then a week. However, you can make true headway for good if you get serious and stick with your plan. Think about how much fun you can have on a December vacation with all of those nagging loose ends gone. Mars retrograde in Gemini keeps you distracted; Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio, and Saturn in Aquarius keep you on task.

Cancer(June 20 – July 20). It’s critical that you are heard and acknowledged now, Cancer. You may have to speak just a bit more forcefully than usual to get your point across. Don’t allow your partner to play a game of turning tables – get clear about what you want because your partner may not want to hear what you really have to say. This applies to business as well as personal partnerships. You may feel slightly weary by month’s end, but stand firm until you get it right. After Jupiter stations direct on November 23rd the energy shifts, and you are ready to soar.

Leo – (July 21– August 21) You may have a chance to read about yourself in the news this month, Leo. In some way, you are an object of favorable attention. You will be honored for your contribution to others, so enjoy the limelight; this is a sincere reward for a job well done. All this attention does not fill your heart’s desire for adventure, though.

New people, places, and things are calling you. The good news is that new circumstances initiated now are going to be extremely positive potential, and even long lasting. Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius on November 21st delivers inspiration as well as information. Shine your light, Leo.

Virgo – (August 22 – September 21) November looks sooo good on you, Virgo. This month is perfectly suited to your elegant nature. Finances are looking good, and you have your thinking cap on straight. Use your clear mind as well as your intuition on the 19th when Mars square Neptune highlights a partnership decision. Although it seems that there is no right or better solution, one path is the right one. Rather than stress about this problem, just sleep on it and you’ll have your answer in the morning. Analyze your choice based on long term benefits rather than the small, short-term picture. The crystal ball you seek is to be found inside yourself.

Libra – (September 22 – October 22) Pay very close attention to your fiancés this month, Libra. If you have any doubt – at all – about a decision to spend money, wait until you are sure. Your true riches lie in the wealth of loyal friends who want to put you on top of the world. Venus trine Jupiter on November 15st delivers the answer you need. It all boils down to having your paperwork in order, and a life plan ready to sustain your next endeavor. Be ready to make a fast exit, Libra. The Full Moon lunar eclipse of November 8th opens the door, now you can walk through it.

Scorpio – (October 23 – November 21) You must take a stand this month, Scorpio. Be clear, and don’t back down. You must let the Universe clearly know that you are determined and ready for this new level of growth. Keep your best advisors close, and your positive friends on speed dial. What is to come about is deeply fated; when you awaken in the middle of the night wondering what is next, connect with your energetic center and embrace the joy that is your reward. It all comes together nicely by month’s end; the answer is clear by the 26th, and the door opens by the 29th.

Sagittarius – (November 22– December 20). Enjoy the new level of peace, Sagittarius. To add to your energy flow, Jupiter and Neptune are stabilizing your sense of purpose. You do have a bit of cosmic clean up duty with Mars retrograde until January 12, 2023.

If you use this time strategically you will be good to go. Stay alert to new income opportunities which show up by the end of this month. Extra effort is required, but the reward will be worth your attention. Financial security grants another layer to your exquisite sense of freedom. Celebrate.

Capricorn – (December 21 – January 18) Your energy is good, and your motivation is even better. Pacing is your secret ally, and timing is critical now, Capricorn. Keep moving, but don’t go so fast that you miss subtle hints and clues from the Universe. Don’t be held back by old obligations that keep you feeling tied up, rather use this for deep rejuvenation. By the end of November, you shift into high gear and ready to ascend the heights of your potential. All this energy makes for tension, so remember to maintain your sense of humor; then you are really the winner with a special glow.

Aquarius – (January 19 – February 17) Tending to the physical is your most direct way to access the spiritual currently, Aquarius. Get into every aspect of your body and you will be free to soar in the non-physical realm. This is the perfect month to commit to a new health or exercise regimen. Use that Saturn in your sign positively; walk, move, and breathe, Aquarius. Motion keeps you connected and strong; you want to be ready to accept the opportunity that comes your way after Jupiter stations direct on November 23rd. Power up, you deserve it.

Pisces – (February 18– March 19) What you want and need to do cannot be done alone, Pisces. While you are choosing your companions, take time and analyze what skills they bring to the table. Teamwork brings exponential possibilities to your life, but also consider that you have an opportunity to gain new skills which only you can deliver. For some, it will be returning to further your studies, and for others it will be stepping forward as a mentor. And yes, teaching is the best way to learn. Listen to the calling of your soul, Pisces; there is a new melody just waiting for you to bring it to life.

© 2022 Maya White


Maya White is a professional astrologer and Life Purpose Guide certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a type of astrology that helps identify your best places for success. Her all original horoscopes have been featured around the world and are noted for inspiration and practical tips on how to apply the wisdom of the stars to real life. For astrology updates in a language that YOU understand, sign up for Maya’s Weekly Star*Cast newsletter. You can learn more at:


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