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Your August 2016 Horoscope by Astrologer, Maya White

August 2016

Aries – (March 19 – April 18) Burn your Light brightly, Aries. Uranus, the planet of sudden change is playing games with Mars, your planetary ruler through an aspect of anxiety and frustration. Tension asks for release, and this is where you can shine. Avoid putting your energy into no-win situations. Stay flexible, be willing to adjust your agenda, and maintain your connection with the Universal flow.

Taurus– (April 19 – May 19) The rays of a Leo sun often burn the tender underbelly of Taurus the Bull. However, this time around, Jupiter has a nice surprise provided you can temper your stubborn streak. You already won, Taurus! Just step up and claim the prize. This is what Leo’s do so well, and it makes you angry because they make it look easy. Keep moving – you must go ALL the way. Your reward will be well worth the extra effort.

Gemini– (May 20 – June 19) Get comfortable with that restless feeling, Gemini; it won’t last long. This month your sign sits in the axis of anxiety and frustration tempered by endurance and persistence; or, in other words, Saturn and Mars are messing with your mind. You need clarity now, and, sometimes you just need to disconnect in order to rejoin at a higher and better vibration. Step back from illusions and do whatever it takes to find true peace.

Cancer(June 20 – July 21) Simplicity is going to cover a lot of ground for you this month. Keep things streamlined and easy, and resist the temptation to take on perfection; it’s not going to happen. Rather, forward motion is a bit messy. Your problems defy easy solutions right now, but the secret to success is good and clear communication. There is no place for less than your total sincerity. Keep the lines open and surrender to your vulnerability.

Leo– (July 22 – August 21) The Sun focuses a beam of great clarity for you this month, Leo. ‘Joy’ and ‘Wisdom’ are your two key words for August, and both qualities are illuminated by the shape of the Cosmic bowl. Your starring role is to accept and embrace all that is possible. This next level of your work is largely completed, and the best thing to do now is let go and await delivery of your miracle.

Virgo– (August 22 – September 21) Wow! Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are delightfully in your corner now and like the fabled 3 wise men, they have come bearing gifts. There are two activation keys, however, that are needed to open the blessings. First – do not become distracted. Second –make any needed adjustments quickly. Flexibility and focus are the keys that unlock a wealth of joy and prosperity for you, Virgo. Enjoy.

Libra– (September 22 – October 21) Mum’s the word, Libra. With three planets in your 12thhouse for most of the month, take the high road and tend your garden. House 12 is a place of repose and it represents a time to till the soil of your spiritual world as you prepare for new beginnings. Proper groundwork leads to rapid growth, but now it’s time to lay low and nurture your inner child as you plant seeds for the future.

Scorpio – (October 22 – November 20) Take a good, strong breath and dive in. You’ve come to a point of no return, and the only way out is to walk through the fire. This New and Full Moon Leo/Aquarius axis tenderizes your soul – kind of like getting jabbed by a hot poker. Plus, Mars and Saturn in your money sector whisper stories of lack to those who listen. Be wise and turn discomfort into leverage! You were born to win this round.

Sagittarius– (November 21– December 20) The fires of August challenge your spiritual endurance, Sag. Physical athleticism helps, but the core issue is moving into your highest level of being. You may be tempted to reach out in your old familiar ways, but wandering only takes you so far. Running endless miles does not provide an answer in your search for depth. It is about the journey to whom you really are, and where you really want to go.

Capricorn– (December 21 – January 19) It’s time for a sprint to the finish line. Your short term efforts pay off in big picture benefits, but you must put in the work. These accomplishments demand the price of your focus; just apply your natural consistency and you’ll be all set. There is much confusion, yet none of it is really your concern. Keep your eyes on the prize, Capricorn. Jupiter still shines bright, keeping you highly favored and richly rewarded.

Aquarius – (January 20 – February 17) The planetary placements of August put you in a perfect positon to be the chess master. Test the waters and see how your efforts and decisions manifest in the material world; and then, refine your tactics and do it again. You’ll see a rapid turnaround in response to your actions. Gathering information is a critical part of your effectiveness as you work with the fluidity of Universal energies.

Pisces – (February 18 – March 18) Surrender to your desires, Pisces. Everybody is so serious now, but with just a little bit of flexibility, you can have it both ways. If and when you are feeling financial stress, just hold tight and put on your practicality hat. Slow and steady is the way forward in almost every aspect of your life. Partnerships hold maximum benefit for you right now. It’s that desire thing again – just say yes.

© 2016 Maya White


Maya White is a professional astrologer and Life Purpose Guide certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a type of astrology that helps identify your best places for success. Her all original horoscopes have been featured around the world and are noted for inspiration and practical tips on how to apply the wisdom of the stars to real life. For astrology updates in a language that YOU understand, sign up for Maya’s Weekly Star*Cast newsletter. You can learn more at:


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