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To See or Not to See

Most children’s lives, at the age of 3, were full of wonderment and new adventures. Mine was no different. Well, actually, it was full of wonderment and new adventures but it was very different than most. I was starting my new adventure into this life and developing my skills. My teacher was a dear Uncle of mine. He was very skilled himself.

The Armenian side of my family was very connected to the gifts of our ancestors. We were a proud people and a strong family. I grew up knowing where we were from and how we got here. We were a recently immigrated family clan.  My family was all over the east coast and we got together for holidays, weddings, funerals and such. Always the conversations in the kitchen turned to the paranormal.  The ghost gossip, the psychic scoop, the vibes and more! At 3, I was included in these conversations. I kept my mouth shut and my ears ever open! I loved it without knowing why.

I was lucky to have an Uncle to spend so much time with me and focus on my real studies. He was skilled at Astral Projection. He was able to sit in a chair, rest his body and his spirit would leave his body. This became my focus at the age of 3! Soon I was able to leave my body at will. Never going far. Only to the ceiling and back.  My Uncle was able to leave his body and travel to other parts of the house. I had heard the stories! I was happy to go to the ceiling and around the room. You need to understand, the perspective of a 3 year old is limited and low to the ground. This gave me wings to fly and eyes to see all! I was very happy.

As the years past, my studies continued and my skills grew. It was never mentioned, but I always knew this was not a conversation for the playground. I knew my perspective on high would not be met with open arms. Many did not have the ability to see what I was seeing. I knew this was special for me. When the time was right then I would know it.

I was always a very intuitive child. I knew things. My Grandmother had taught me to read faces and to see people on the inside. I was good at it. She was always testing me. I wish I had done that well in school with my book studies! The days were dedicated to public school and the afternoons and nights were focused on my real passions. I started to learn tarot cards. My Mom always had them in the house. At the age of 8, I had my own deck. It was also the first time I did a reading for someone other than myself.  I would read for my Mom, my Brother, my Grandparents, etc. It was so much fun. I always viewed my perspective on the world as fun. I never understood the unhappiness in the world around me.

I was so good at Astral Projection that I soon started to realize the downside of such a gift. The teachers would label me a daydreamer. The truth was, I was bored in school, so I would leave my body! I had better things to do and better places to be. School was not my passion. School was not geared towards a child like me. I was not an auditory learner. I was a visual learner. I needed the perspective of sight. It was lacking in the school system. So, I had my body sitting in the chair at the desk but my spirit was elsewhere. I knew when the teachers were having bad days and what the problems were at home. I would become overwhelmed with the constant chatter, that apparently, I was the only one privy to.  I did not have peers to share with. I was alone in a crowd. I preferred to not be seen, most of the time. My Uncle was supportive and also helping me to learn to focus and this was handy for schools and large events.

I never really enjoyed assemblies, church, fairs or any large gatherings. People’s issues were becoming a bit too much for me. By the age of 12, I had to start taking control. If I would sit on the outside of the group and not enter the center, I was good. If I was on the stage and not in the audience, I was good. If no one touched me, I was good. I was seeing, hearing and feeling what was going on with people.  My Uncle was with me every step of the way to help. My focus was stronger and my manifestation of what I did and did not want was in full swing. I was gaining a little more control. I started coming into my own gifts of what you see for your self, can become a reality! I started to use it! I would focus on passing my classes with ease, having nice people around me, especially my younger brother! I knew, with a smile and a good intention, what I see can become what is.

It was not until years later that I knew there was a label for kids like me. I was an early Indigo. I was helping to pave the way for the Crystal Children to come. I did not know that all those years of Astral Projection would help me when I developed a chronic illness at the age of 20. I would avoid the chronic pain by leaving my body. I did not know that after becoming a Sign Language Interpreter, because I needed to see the words, I would have a devastating work injury. I did not know that it would make my path clear for me to be a full time Psychic and Healer. I was so busy focusing on others and what others wanted for me, that I had to learn the hard way. I had to see it. I was very clear on what others should do and what others needed, that I had forgotten to see for myself.

At the age of 3, I did not see. I chose not to see. At the age of 3, I became a Medium. At the age of 3 my Uncle died. At the age of 3, my Uncle became my Spirit Guide and taught me everything I needed to know. At the age of 3, I had already learned more than most people do in their entire lifetimes. I did not see it. I am thankful that I do now! I have seen the wonderful things in store for me and they have been coming true! I have seen that through the struggles of the Indigo Children like me, the Crystal Children have so much more to look forward to as they offer us the world. I have the gift of clear and honest sight into the past, present and future all because a 3 year old saw more than she realized.


Chris Ann is a psychic who does readings in The Akashic Records (soul's history/past lives). She is a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Crystal Communication Facilitator, REIKI MASTER, mentor to other psychics and crystal children. Chris Ann studied with many of the top Psychics of the world and has combined their tips with her own gifts! She is from a long line of psychics and has been communicating with the dead since the age of 3 and doing readings for others since the age of 8. She LOVES being able to help others through her business Elemental Energies with Chris Ann.


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