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"There’s Got to Be More to My Life Than This!"

Excerpt from: You Are Not Broken: The guide to living your dreams, by: Kimble Greene PhD, 2018

“Your life is an occasion, rise to it!”

~ Anonymous

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that statement (including the many times I’ve said it to myself), I would be retired, sitting on a tropical beach, and sipping a tasty piña colada… And I would probably still be thinking, “There’s got to be more to my life than this!”

So many people feel stuck, depressed, fatigued, powerless, weak, fearful, ashamed, unwell, soulless, unaroused, angry, frustrated, alone, hurt, unable, incapable, restricted, silenced, uncertain, limited, unworthy, and invaluable. And, for the first thirty-five years of my own life, I was one of those people. Frustrated with the health care system and unable to find answers in conventional counseling and treatment approaches or a bottle of pills, I began the journey to find a solution.

Intuitively, I knew there was an answer to the predominant state of imbalance, discontent, and ill health so rampant in the United States and other countries. After making my own climb from surviving to thriving and spending over fifteen years as a professional in the less than ideal American mental health, juvenile justice, and social services systems, it became my mission to lead people away from the overwhelming decline in our mental and emotional well-being. Instead, I wanted to lead them toward feeling released, joyful, powerful, strong, fearless, proud, well, soulful, aroused, happy, at ease, connected, pain free, able, capable, liberated, vocal, certain, limitless, worthy and valuable. And so The Monarch Method™ was born somewhere in my imagination.

The Wizard

If you have ever thought, “There’s got to be more to my life than this,” I am affirming there absolutely is! More is within your reach and inside of you. You are not broken!

In The Wizard of Oz, after a long and arduous journey, the wizard tells Dorothy she has always had the power within her to return home. This inner power also exists within you. There may be no need for you to walk for miles through haunted forests, fend off flying monkeys, melt witches (or spend years in therapy or on medication). It isn’t necessary to search for answers in the outside world when the answers already exist within you.

This lifetime is not static. It’s not designed with one destination or one achievement in mind. Life is intended to be a school of trial and error. It’s supposed to be challenging and impermanent. Life is about successes and un-successes. It’s imperfect. The ride is bumpy and has its ups and downs. Face it… life is messy!

And life is also beautiful, glorious, magnificent, and divinely guided from conception to ascension. So, let go of yesterday, and set aside your story and your life plans for the moment. Stay open because life and personal growth aren’t clean, neat, or orderly. Life is a mud bath, and it has all the makings to be the best unplanned adventure and the wildest ride you will ever experience (that I know of anyway)!

You have access to the information and solutions you need. Just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, you have the courage (Lion), the brains (Scarecrow), and the heart (Tin Man) right there inside you. You have the power to return home right now. In other words, all the solutions and answers exist within your very being.

Each one of us is Dorothy. We’ve traveled a long and challenging path, only to discover we have had the answers we seek right inside us the whole time. On her own, Dorothy survived her journey well enough. With the knowledge given to her by the Wizard, that the power to return home existed within her the whole time, Dorothy transcended the illusion she was unable to get what and where she needed without help. What she was unable to get from outside resources, she found within herself – the power to thrive and begin living the life she had long desired. Think of yourself as Dorothy and the Wizard as Source. You have survived your journey. With new strategies to access the wisdom and guidance already within, you will discover the power to thrive and to live the life you imagine.

How You Get Out of Sync

You may be wondering –

• How did I get to this place of disharmony (or worse) in the first place?

• How do I shift my energy, change my core beliefs, and get back to that path?

• Why did I pick a book titled You Are Not Broken!?

No doubt there are very specific answers to these questions and many other questions you may have. Speaking in general terms, I would surmise you got here because:

✓You believe the stories you are told about yourself.

✓You catch the feelings others throw at you.

✓You absorb the energy around you.

✓You operate from outdated core beliefs. (Core beliefs are meant to transform as we transition through life.)

From a very early age, you were bombarded with the message that self-value, self-praise, and self-acclaim are undesirable traits – that these characteristics will cause others to reject or feel negatively about you, that these beliefs make you appear conceited, cocky, egotistical, or arrogant. It is unfortunate, to say the least, that love and appreciation for others is placed above your own self-love and self-value. After all, you can’t give away what you don’t have. If you don’t have self-worth, you can’t truly identify the worth in any person, thing, or experience. If you don’t have love for yourself, how can you give away love you don’t possess to others? So, where does that leave you? Where does that leave all of us? (Since you are not the only one who experiences this.) It leaves you feeling void of a full inner well, lacking the self-worth and personal power that provides the foundation for growth, success, and the ability to reflect that self-appreciation and self-value back to the world.

As if that weren’t enough to deal with, when you begin to struggle under the weight of all those misguided messages you were given, you are then told that you are somehow broken. That you are unable to recreate balance and harmony without intervention. That you can only be fixed using outside resources like medications and psychiatric care.

It is certainly a compelling message that is difficult to ignore. Most of media and literature are telling you that you are entirely reliant on professionals and pharmaceuticals for your physical, mental, and emotional relief and well-being. The articles, research, and media are abundantly clear. You are dependent upon experts – their services, their programs, their products – for your overall health. That is not to say there is not a very important place for these services, to be discussed later. What I am saying is you are not broken, and you have the wisdom within to manage so much more of your personal care and well-being than you’ve been taught.

With all of that expert direction, it’s hard not to believe their claims that medication and intervention are necessary to achieve and maintain personal well-being and success. The evidence appears overwhelming, leading you to believe that not only are you broken, but you are also incapable of achieving and maintaining health and success without outside forces like physicians, pharmaceuticals, clergy, mental health professionals, diets, and more.

Does that sound right? Are we really supposed to believe that this magnificent body, heart, mind, and soul of ours are entirely reliant on others for success and well-being? Is it probable that virtual strangers know more about our body, mind, heart, and spirit than we do? The answer is, No! It is not probable.

There is no human being who knows you better than you know yourself. There is no external resource that contains the wisdom that best serves you, the whole you – mind, body, emotions, and spirit. What’s more there is no need to unearth all your buried memories or fatalistically examine every past experience you’ve had. While The Monarch Method™ does provide a process for identifying the underlying beliefs that are holding you back, it doesn’t rake through your past with a pitchfork. As a matter of fact, identifying outdated core beliefs is a straightforward process that can take as few as fifteen minutes.

Your Life Force

In my first book, ONE…Embracing Life & Illuminating Your Spirit, I spoke of energy from a spiritual perspective. Here, I expand that to include your dual nature – spiritual and physical. Physically you are made up of bones, flesh, organs, and fluid, mostly water (essentially dense energy). Non-physically (or spiritually), you are made up of light energy and consciousness. Each cannot exist without the other, and your physical and non-physical selves interact with each other, impacting your entire life experience.

The world of subtle energy (a combination of physical/dense and non-physical/light energies) opens you to a life beyond what you think you know about yourself and the world. Your whole being, your world exists within the realm of energy, whether you can see it or not. Becoming acquainted with this powerful energy field and accepting its effect on your body, mind, emotions, and spirit help give you mastery over your actions, thoughts, and attitudes. (The concepts of energy and mastery are discussed in greater detail in ONE…Embracing Life & Illuminating Your Spirit!).

Internally, every thought, every emotion, and every action becomes a form of energy. This energy, created subconsciously by you each moment, establishes the foundation of your life and experiences – all of them. This mental and emotional energy can also contribute to you feeling stuck or stagnant if it isn’t shifted as you transition throughout life. In order to strengthen your life force, ongoing shifts in your energy are required. When your energy stagnates, your emotional, mental, and physical well-being suffers. The Monarch Method™ is a process for identifying and shifting this energy using your core beliefs.

My own journey prior to rediscovering my personal power was a roller coaster of ups and downs and highs and lows. Along the way, I have learned some valuable lessons:

♥Trust your intuition – it is the highest form of intelligence and information.

♥Take leaps of faith frequently – they turn out to be miraculous.

♥Let your faith outshine your fear.


Kimble Greene, Ph.D. is an Author, Transpersonalist and Life Strategist. She is known as the ‘Soul Whisperer’ because she reconnects people to their souls’ passion and purpose. Kimble’s self-developed approach for personal transformation and empowerment – The Monarch Method™– has garnered great success. She has been serving individuals, groups, organizations and communities for over 30 years. Find out more at


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