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The Cosmic Dance: Summer’s Sizzle

The summer is in full swing now.  But let me just start by saying that vacations may be more serious than they used to be!  This summer (and early fall) contains much more productivity than we are used to, and those ‘lazy dog days of summer’ may be more like a wild wolf pack taking to the woods.  And which pack do you run with?  The answer to that question may be more important now than ever as relationships, partnerships and other alliances do a very tricky tango.  Some of these will be personal (friends, family, spouses) and some will be work partners (bosses, co-workers, etc).  But whomever you’re dancing with now, the dance is important so learn the steps well.  Since partners (or their needs) may be changing this year, it will help to pay some extra attention to the people in your life—especially those taking up your valuable time.  Are they worth your time?....would be one question I would be asking.  Because if they’re not, now is the perfect time to jettison some of those pesky energy vampires.

Summer officially began with the Summer Solstice on June 22nd.  This is when the Sun entered the sign of Cancer the Crab.  Cancer is a nurturing home loving sign that cares for family. It lends its protective energies to making home and family safe and secure.  And—by the way—if you are lucky enough to know a Cancerian, let them feed you once in a while.  It will make their day.  Fortune smiled on at least a few of us at birth, and we were born into close-knit families (it’s just a rumor, but I suspect it’s true).  These are the supportive people we share our lives with—the good and the bad. But if—especially lately—you notice that you don’t quite have that ‘lovin’ feeling’ from your own family, then you will seek out other like-minded individuals.  For some of you this exploratory phase will become quite the personal journey of discovery.  One you will be processing for the rest of this year.

In other sky news, Venus will retrograde from July 25ththru September 5th,spending most of its time in the sign of Leo the Lion (hearted).  Venus retrograde in Leo may indicate the need to reunite with ones children (or at least find out what they’ve been up to—they may have news for you).  This is a good time to get to know the difference between being supportive and being an enabler.  At what point are we finished parenting our kids?  And what part of our lives (if any) belongs just to us?  Nurturing our own talents and abilities is just as important as nurturing those of our children.  When Venus—the planet of love and comfort—appears to travel in reverse, issues often arise with loved ones in general (in other words—not just the kids).  So this is a good time to check in with allthose near and dear to you and find out where they stand.  Making adjustments and compromises in personal relationships makes for a much more graceful Venusian-style dance during her retrograde phase.  And if we’re with the wrong ‘one’ there’s time to change partners (or even to fly solo for awhile).

Also, this is a time when our comfort zone is often challenged in some way.  Sometimes this test is mental or emotional; however many times it can also be a physical test (like how your air conditioner seems to only break down on the hottest day of the year).  My suggestion?  Redefine what you absolutely needto be comfortable (in your body and in your soul), and stop whining about the rest of it.  Because with Venus traveling inward, you’re not supposed to ‘vent’—others will find that annoying now.  Instead, try to embrace the concept that a great deal of life—whether it’s with people or air conditioners—requires maintenance. And remind yourself that those relationships (and appliances) that do survive Venus retrograde are the stronger for it. And lastly, in the body, Leo rules the heart so a heart-healthy diet is important now.  At least lay off the cream sauce for awhile.

Transiting Saturn will finally go direct on August 2nd.  This will help many of us to move ahead with real estate or work-related projects as well as general issues with authority and the powers that be. You can garner support for projects or jobs that you may have had to sideline back in March when Saturn first began to retrograde. New alliances can now be formed, or old alliances can be strengthened, as long as you have been able to successfully renegotiate for what you need along the way. If you deserve a raise or promotion (translation: if you’ve been doing exceptional work quietly in the background for sometime), then now is the time to go for it.  All ‘closet experts’ can come on out and shine now. And whether you need a new job, a new position or to head in an entirely new career direction, just look around.  You may be surprised at the opportunities available to you.

Saturn’s retrograde back into the sign of Scorpio also tends to bring any family dysfunction up and out and into the open to be purged.  Although often uncomfortable, it’s best not to fight this cleansing process.  It is meant to happen now and everyone will be healthier when it’s done.

Mercury will do his retrograde dance once again from Sept 17ththru Oct 8thin the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of relationships and many will be setting their relationship house affairs to rights by Fall.  Be sure that all important communications are getting through (double check) and listen more carefully now.  Make sure that what you heard is what was intended.  Miscommunication is always a concern when Mercury retrogrades in air signs.

Last but not least, Fall will officially begin with the Autumnal Equinox on September 23rd.  This is the day when the Sun enters the sign of Libra.  Notice the extra focus this fall on Libra.  Even the most reclusive among us will be looking to connect now!  This entire year has us dealing with partnerships of all kinds in one way or another, so pay special attention to all your important people.  September also features2 eclipses: one on Sept 13thin Virgo and one on Sept 28thin Aries/Libra.  As you strive to put your relationships into perspective, remember that the Devil’s in the details!  Know your process.

Well, taking the next few months into consideration as a whole, it seems that many of us may have a challenging and interesting road to walk as relationships shift and change all around us.  This will no doubt send more than a few on their own personal ‘vision quests.’  So, for you brave and tireless explorers out there, take heart.  Your journey may take a few surprising twists and turns along the way, you may even hit a detour or two.  But in the end, your journey is more than worth it.  It is yours and yours alone and your choices do matter.  And so I offer you this blessing:

For The Wanderers, The  Seekers, The Explorers

For As Above and So Below

Look to the Stars and this you’ll know:

What is to come is what we’ve wrought,

And set to motion with our thoughts.

So play with Angels,

But walk on Earth.

And know the path you choose has worth.

In the end, remember, it’s still just a dance.  And it keeps us on our toes to learn a few new steps every now and again, doesn’t it?  So play, laugh, be kind and keep on dancing.  Then look up and thank your lucky stars.


Deane Driscoll is a professional astrologer with over 22 years experience in New York, California, Maine, and North Carolina; and holds elder clergy credentials as Lady Deanewith CoG(Covenant of the Goddess).  She offers natal chart readings as well as classes in astrology, card reading, and other metaphysical topics. She also creates custom meditations for clients, concentrating on a specific area of focus.  Some examples include: limitless possibilities, a new career path, prosperity, love, health and well-being; as well as overall relaxation and stress reduction. Visit her website at or email her atdeanemae@juno.comfor more information.


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