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The Cosmic Dance: Falderal

Some “sky-talk” about the dance just above your head.

Well kids, it’s playtime.  The “Fall-der-all” kicked off with a lot of silly nonsense featuring 2 eclipses in September (one on Sept 13thand one on Sept 28th). Did you feel the energy start to move again? Because eclipses will do that. So the fall will be a time for action—even when we’re just cheering on our favorite team from the sidelines. But dust your shoes off just in case you’re invited to the dance after the big game.  And if you’d like to read more about all of the eclipses for this year, please revisit my previous article: “The Dance of the Eclipse.”

Fall officially began with the Autumnal Equinox on September 23rd.  This is when the Sun entered the sign of Libra the Scales.  Libra is the sign of balance.  Everything must be weighed and measured and those found wanting will have to put some effort into rebalancing their lives and loves now. Libra is considered the sign of marriage and partnership and rules relationships of all kinds. So “relating” in all forms will be one of the major themes of the fall. This is the time to get out there and connect with someone.  We’re all on the move now (Did you meet  a “Noah” recently? Because wherever we’re going, we’re going by twos).

Other planets are getting into the relationship zone as well. The personal planets are all direct now, which corresponds to our personal lives, and helps them operate more smoothly.  Planets in direct motion generally move things forward, as opposed to having them stall, regress, or retreat.  Mercury is direct now (went direct Oct 8th)in the sign of Libra, so many will be improving communication and setting their relationship house to rights as the leaf-peeping season gets under way.  And Mercury will not retrograde again this year, so it’s clear sailing from now til New Year’s!

Saturn andVenus are also both direct now, making relationships—both at home and at work—run a bit smoother than they were a few months ago.  Real estate matters should improve now as well; and if you’ve been thinking of moving, the fall’s planetary energies are available to assist you.

By late October/Halloween Venus and Marswill come together to do their own brief little dance in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is a sign of work and service and it likes to organize and keep track of the process level of things.  You know when they say the “devil’s in the details?”  Well, it’s usually a Virgo that says so. But while you’re preoccupied with your important relationships, remember to ask yourself if you’d rather be right or happy. The way you answer that will tell you a lot about how your relationship is going.  And, no, “rebalancing” is NOT the same thing as “reorganizing.”  Don’t try to organize the people in your life, now.  That will be a major turn off for them.  People are not things and you can’t just move them about like chess pieces. If you must organize something, how about decluttering your office?  Or maybe you could make over the bedroom (hopefully, with an eye towards romance).

Luckily, Jupiteris also in Virgo during this time, where it will remain until September, 2016,and Jupiter will be reminding Venus and Mars just how much fun they can be when they want to.  You know, Virgo gets a bad rap sometimes in popular astrology and is often depicted as nit-picky and fussy (which is true—hey, every sign has its shadow side). But I’m here to tell you that Virgo can also be quite lusty.  It is an earth sign, after all. Just sayin’. So reflect on that one.

By mid-November, both Venus and Marswill enter the sign of Libra, so it’s back to relationships again, but this time balance—not organization—will be the goal. Partnerships and pairing up for all sorts of reasons should be on your agenda now.  And, hopefully (if you’ve been paying attention), by Thanksgiving the thing we’ll all be most thankful for is one another. No one dances alone in the dark (ok, some of us do, but at least for right now you don’t haveto).

Transiting Saturn finally left Scorpio for the sign of Sagittarius, where it will remain until December, 2017.  I don’t know about you, but I for one am grateful for Saturn’s departure out of the sign of Scorpio.  That dramatic tango just plumb wore me out!  Sagittarius will lead Saturn into a much more light-hearted and fun-loving dance (the Electric Slide might be a nice change of pace), so the energies may be easier to handle now.  Or at least the steps will be easier to learn. Your workplace should benefit from this and you should be enjoying the office more.  But while Sag is a sign that loves a party, Saturn is a planet of self-discipline and it does like you to get the work done before you go to the ball. These two are not generally the most compatible of partners, but they can be helpful to one another.  For instance, Saturn can coax a full days work out of globe-trotting Sag, while Sag can lend some much-needed humor to sad-sack Saturn’s approach to life (and work). Sagittarius is also known for it’s broad vision and it can inspire Saturn to look up from it’s ledgers every now and again (where it has been working overtime balancing the books) and appreciate the beautiful expansiveness of the plan, or just take in that breathtaking view from the roof.

All in all, I’d say that our reflections this fall are focused on appreciating the ones you care for, bringing a sense of humor and playfulness into the mix, and balancing work and play.  How about you?  Is your dance card full yet? If not, just look around.  Someone’s out there, just waiting for a partner.

As always, I say it’s still just a dance (and I say this a lot).  Our balance is surely improved by learning a few new steps every now and again.  So play, laugh, be kind. Keep on dancing.

Then look up and thank your lucky stars.


Deane Driscollis a professional astrologer, teacher and writer with over 33 years of experience in New York, California, Maine, and North Carolina; and holds elder clergy credentials as Lady Deanewith CoG(Covenant of the Goddess).  She offers natal chart readings as well as classes in astrology, card reading, and other metaphysical topics. She also creates custom meditations for clients, concentrating on specific areas of personal growth. For more information visit


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