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Talking to Yourself: Communicating with the Ultimate Power Source - The Spirit of You

Have you ever asked your spirit - the one that lives and breathes as you inside of you, what he or she wants? This is a profound and incredible exercise. If you are reading this you probably are currently reading several personal growth books, connecting with your intuition, eating healthier, and you probably meditate and/or do yoga and have discovered the power of journaling? Have I described you that is you right now? These are all great and powerful ways to become more in-tuned with yourself and with your connection with energy and spirit.

I would like to however, take you on a bit of a different journey for just a moment. A journey that I know may be somewhat foreign to you, such as going on vacation to a country you have never visited before. You may be nervous at first but once you get their and settle in, you soon begin to accept the newness and the life changing possibilities and experiences start flooding in. You soon become reaquainted with your inner child and you blow up Facebook with hundreds of images sharing your new adventures with loved ones. Your original trepidation and uneasiness of a new country soon morphs into ecstatic play and excitement.

I would like to take you on a similar journey morphing original nervousness into ecstatic play, awe, wonderment, and inner fulfillment. It all begins with............Talking to Yourself

Have you ever thought about having a conversation with yourself? I mean literally talking with yourself. Scheduling a time to sit down and interview yourself as if you were interviewing someone for an article, a book, or a television show. Have you ever sat down, felt that spirit that is you inside of you and out loud asked yourself specific questions you always wanted to know the answer to? Genuinely getting to know the you that is inside of you. How often do you take the time to meet a friend for lunch, a family member for dinner, or a date for coffee? Have you thought about scheduling this same time to talk to you? Or even better developed a practice where you REGULARLY talk to yourself and learn about yourself through the power of you.

God, spirit, the universe, is communicating with you all the time and the different tools of meditation, yoga, journaling, and reading books are great ways to experience this energy, but I challenge you to take this one step deeper.

Instead of feeling and connecting with energy and the universe outside of you. Instead of looking for signs in your outer world to give you validation that all is aligned or that you may be off path. Instead of hearing god or receiving clairaudient or clairavoyant messages that appear to come from somewhere else within the universe...........flip it all inside out and..............instead.............Start talking to yourself.

Start talking to the spirit that lives inside of you. This is you - the real you - the one that is begging, yelling, and stomping his or her feet saying.......”Please see me, Im right here!” “I have so much to share, so much to tell you. I know you really well!”

This is not the same as the inner dialogue that tells you all the things you need to get done for the day or the inner dialogue that questions your choices or goals. This is instead.........talking to the ultimate spirit source - YOUR SPIRIT.

It is astounding how many people continue to look outside of themselves for their answers. I see this daily working in the medical profession. I even see it in the spiritual communities and in people’s spiritual practices. Its as if everyone is investing their power into something outside of themselves, forgetting that their true personal power is on the INSIDE. Stop for a second and consider that you have access to somebody who knows you better than you - yes you do!

Let me say that again. You have direct access, connection, and communication with somebody who knows you better than you -You have direct access to your inner spirit!

That spirit part of you knows you the best and knows EXACTLY what you want, need, desire, and what is most definitely in your best interest at ALL times. So why are’nt more people talking to themselves? Why aren’t more people taking the time to listen to what their spirit has to say? A few reasons come to mind. Sometimes it can be hard to hear what we really want or need, It may require us to have to get honest with ourselves and look around and make changes, This can be scary. Another reason is you have to slice through the static to really hear yourself.

Again all the tools I mentioned earlier, eating a clean diet, meditation, yoga, journaling are all great ways to quiet the noise - but I know you are already doing this - so yeah!- you are already there and ready to talk to yourself. Lastly, it can be intimidating to honor the self. How often are we taught this? Not often enough that is for sure. We spend so much time honoring our family and friends that we can often forget to honor ourselves. To see and hear ourselves requires a level of self honoring that is for most a very new journey.

I have a personal story about this that happened recently. I have committed a big part of my adult life to self awareness and I naturally have a willingness to dive deep inside of myself. But even I became hugely intimidated when I was asked recently by a woman who was a friend of a friend - whom I had just met - if I knew how I felt when my needs were’nt being met? She asked me this question while simultaneously handing me a list of words that describe different feelings when certain needs are not met. “Oh god!“ I thought - I did not want to look at this list. I watched myself shut down at first. I knew if I did I would have to have some real heart to heart talk with my spirit. How funny is that? Even I have times when communicating with my true self - sitting down and really talking with me can be scary. I will tell you though - it is worth it!!

Just like visiting a foreign country - at first you are nervous, you don’t know how to get around or even know how to speak the language fluently but once your there, settled in and communication channels open up - it is wonderful!

Here are some ways to begin your journey:

1. Write out a list of questions as if you were interviewing someone. Some examples are what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What kind of people do you like hanging out with? What color brings you the most joy? What makes you laugh?

2. Schedule a time to sit down with you just as you would schedule to meet a friend for lunch or coffee and ask yourself these questions outloud. Listen quitely for your answers. Feel into what answers arise. Write down right away what comes to you.

3. Then schedule a weekly time to talk to yourself. Have three questions you want to ask yourself depending on what is happening in your life.


Jennifer Crews M.A. has over 20 years experience as a communications expert. Her passion for the written and spoken word led her to careers as a pediatric speech language pathologist, published author, live talk radio show host at KRXA in California, a performance speaker, and an intuitive leader. She has dedicated her life to creative expression in everything she does and in educating others on the mastery of spirit beauty, intuition, and personal power. “The highest form of beauty is the essence self.” Jennifer currently leads groups and mentors individuals around the globe. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about her programs and services at


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