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Rock Talk: Quartz, Quartz, and more Quartz!

Welcome to Rock Talk; a place for crystal lovers and rock hounds! Together we will explore a variety of crystals and stones, their metaphysical characteristics, properties and beauty, as well as formations, shapes, grids, symbolism, selecting, clearing, cleansing, chakra and element connections, daily integration, lore and more. My intent is to keep the format simple and straight forward, creating a quick reference guide without lengthy descriptions, (keeping in mind the great lyric “shove me in the shallow water before I get too deep” from Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians). The information presented here will include my own experience since discovering the magick of minerals at a young age, and knowledge that has been shared with us by those who worked tirelessly, been an inspiration and have paved the way through their writing and teaching. I feel it important to give credit where credit is due, plus, there is no need to “reinvent the wheel”. That being said, having been studying and implementing the use of crystals and stones in my life and work for so long I do not always recall from whom, when or where I learned every piece of information, when I do specifically know I’ll be sure to say so. I certainly have my favorite “go to” resources, including but not limited to, Love Is in the Earth; A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody, The Book of Stones; Who They Are and What They Teach by Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons and The Crystal Bible; A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall.

Additionally, a wide range of crystal healing books are available from your favorite book seller, not to mention an abundance of articles available on the internet. Everyone interested in crystals and stones, and feels an affinity with the mineral kingdom, is encouraged to read everything they can find. Besides the universally agreed upon symbolism and energetic properties, on occasion, you will find conflicting points of view or differing interpretations or perspective. I advise to always be discerning and above all trust your own inner knowing, instincts and intuition. I believe the stones tell us what we need to know when we need to know it, and that what is beneficial or successful for one person may not necessarily be for the next. We each approach things in our own unique way, from our personal frame of reference and point of view, each of us resonate, connect and respond in a way distinctively our own. While it is helpful to learn from others, nothing beats one’s own experience. I make no claims of being an expert on the topic, I’m just an ol’ “Rock Chick “ who loves stones and crystals, has learned a thing or two along the way and enjoys sharing her experience and love of stones through groups, writing, in private one to one energy sessions and conversations with other enthusiasts. Like you, I continue to experiment, research and incorporate crystals into my daily life. So far, I haven’t met a stone I didn’t like! (If I do, there are methods and techniques to take care of that!)

Our first theme is “New Beginnings”, an appropriate and inspirational starting place for the first digital issue of Inner Tapestry Journal and the New Year. My personal belief is that anyday, hour, anniversary, sun/moon phase, seasonal change, birthday or special, significant life event can be a good time to shed the old and start anew. It’s up to each individual to select the right moment in time to set life changes in motion based on their own set of circumstances, need and desire, regardless of the date. However, January is the traditional month for resolutions and New Beginnings and certainly does hold the feeling, idea and energy of letting go of the previous year, setting intentions, initiating personal transformation or embarking on a new project or venture. Cheers to New Beginnings!

Prior to entering a time of new, fresh, exciting endeavors I find it helpful to spend some time reviewing, releasing, and gaining insight and clarity. Entering a state of calmness and serenity goes a long way to opening ourselves to new ideas and motivation. Combined with focus, our stones can help us when enlisted in meditation, worn with intent or ornamentally, carried or simply being in our environment. I’ve selected the following stones that may be beneficial at this time to process endings and embrace beginnings.

Let’s begin at the beginning, for me that means Quartz, Quartz, and more Quartz!

Quartz is the most common mineral on this planet and has been used by nearly every original people for healing and religious ceremony since the dawn of time. The ancient Japanese believed it was formed from the breath of a white dragon and represented perfection. The Aborigines used quartz crystals in rain rites; the Cherokee used it as a stone of divination. It has been a reliable and useful partner for the shaman, the healer and the mystic. Technology proves the powers of quartz; it is used in radios, watches and the like. Science has shown us the energy of quartz, it is piezoelectric; "it transforms mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy".

Quartz has proven itself to be adaptable, flexible and unwavering in its commitment to the human race, it is anxious to help, to heal and to assist in our every endeavor, on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. We need only ask and do the required work, programming, clearing and cleansing. Quartz is known to store, amplify, transmit and transmute energy. It is a mighty tool for manifesting needs and desires, bringing clarity, higher states of consciousness, and communication with spirit guides, heightening meditation, dreaming and healing. It opens all chakras and will enhance the energies of other stones it is paired with. Use quartz to inspire creativity, retrieve information from past lives and to re-form old patterns in the current life. Enlist quartz for clearer psychic visions, to bring balance and harmony to your environment and as a protective talisman.

All quartz crystals have the above mentioned characteristics. Those characteristics will vary according to the area they sourced. They may change over time, exhibiting new cracks, crevices, lightening, darkening, pieces fall away, heal themselves. Choosing a quartz crystal is not about appearances, how clear it is, or how perfect or pleasing to the eye it may be, but about the energy it exudes. Their beauty is undeniable; quartz crystals may be clear, cloudy, veiled, smooth or rough. Each is special and useful with its own singular personality. It is a personal preference on the appearance, try selecting with eyes closed, sense the energy and trust your intuition to guide you to the correct crystal for the purpose at hand.

Primary Aspects: Amplification, Release,Clarity, Cleansing, Clearing, Purification, Flexibility

Light Ray: White: Integration, Balance, Alignment, Wholeness



Locale: Earthwide

Crystalizing in striated prismatic crystals with a subtle, but high and clear frequency pink tourmaline is a gentle yet powerful stone to assist with the process of reviewing, releasing and getting to “the heart” of an issue. It is connected to feminine power; love, family, community, humanity, understanding, peace, harmony, faith, wisdom, communication and more. Pink tourmaline is an exemplary heart cleansing stone, creating a column of Light from the Heart to the Crown Chakra aligning them to purify and release old wounds and detrimental patterns clearing the way for love; in all forms; Divine, Self and romantic. Pink tourmaline is helpful when desiring to integrate and balance the male (electric) and female (magnetic) aspects of oneself, and will assist in uncovering and recognizing previously unrealized gifts, talents or skills. Pink tourmaline contains lithium lending it the effectiveness to calm the nerves, we must feel tranquil and at peace in order to heal and release past trauma in our effort to move forward. Pink tourmaline can be especially contributive in times of major change and personal growth. Robert Simmons (The Book of Stones) tells us the name derives from the Sinhalese word turamali, meaning “something small from the earth”. Other interpretations say it means “mixed”, referring to multi-coloured gemstones; tourmaline would fall into that category; as it is found in a variety of colours. An Egyptian legend says tourmaline gathered its many colours by traveling along a rainbow on a journey to the Sun. While tourmaline is found in many areas of the world and highly prized, here in Maine we are quite famous for and proud of our exceptional specimens.

Primary Aspects: Healing, Heart Chakra Activation, Joy, Happiness, Release Past Abuse, Compassion

Light Ray: Red: Passion, Survival, Strength, Manifestation



Locale: Sri Lanka,Africa, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, U.S.

Additional Colours & Primary Aspects 

Black: Protection,Deflection,Balance

Green: Healing, Strength, Compassion

Blue:Service, Harmony, Communication

Gold: Highest Good, Manifestation, Inner Strength

Long associated with Moon Goddesses, Moonstone is a member of the feldspar family, with a monoclinic and prismatic crystal system.  Thusly named for its chatoyancy(having changeable luster; twinkling) and blue/white sheen, moonstone has been used in jewelry and adornments for thousands of years and is considered the gem of the High Priestess.  A stone of all things mysterious and feminine, moonstone is deeply connected to the cycles of life; supporting us through the ebb and flow of our existence, learning to trust our inner guidance and gracefully navigate the milestones and rhythms of our lives. Moonstone enhances confidence, compassion, calmness and creativity and provides deep understanding within and in the outside world. Engage moonstone to heighten psychic ability, reveal hidden information, ensure restful sleep and reduce stress. Moonstone will help access long discarded dreams and goals of childhood as well as unveil unnoticed or under nurtured talents and gifts. Similar to pink tourmaline, it will help navigate our inner world to illuminate hidden gifts or abilities we may have ignored or forgotten. It will then radiate the energy to attract circumstances that will bring forth the actualization of those gifts. Moonstone will open us to perceive and discern the truth; in our own nature as well as the motivations of others and guide to right timing of taking action. Moonstone is a problem solver; it seems to magickally provide creative solutions to everyday dilemmas and challenges when utilized during meditation or dream time.

Primary Aspects: Intuition,Mystery, Feminine Energy, New Beginnings, Cycles, Illumination

Light Ray: White (Lunar): Integration, Balance, Alignment, Wholeness, Lunar Insight


Chakras:Third Eye & Crown

Locale: U.S., Australia, Europe, Madagascar, Burma, India

Additional Colours & Primary Aspects: 

Peach: Soothes Worries, Supports Heart

Grey:Potential, Magnifies Intent, “New Moon”

Rainbow:Deflect Negativity, Protection

White:Inner Vision, Perception

Cat’s Eye: Clarity, Balance

Try the above stones alone, together or combine one with one or two of your favorites. Wishing you the brightest of Blessings in the New Year, may you find Joy, Fulfillment and endless Happiness!

Notes: The use of crystals and stones should not replace the advice of your medical or mental health care provider.Elemental correspondences based on the work of Naisha Ahsian.
The Crystal Ally Cards; The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge 1995. Light Ray correspondences based on/inspired by William C. Stuber.
Gems of the Seven Color Rays; A Comprehensive Guide to Healing with Gems 2001.


Dede Eaton: Specializing in the Primus Activation Healing Technique since 2007, Dede incorporates her twenty-five plus years of metaphysical study, experience and teaching to offer her clients a safe, non-judgmental space to begin or enhance their journey to healing; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Dede offers a variety of on-going classes and meditation groups as well as private one to one sessions and spiritual events. She has owned and operated The Magick Closet, Purveyor of Spiritual Goods since 2003, now an on-line shop, Magick Heart Healing, her private healing and teaching practice since 2007, is the creator of The Enlightenment Expo, held each Spring and Fall since 2011, is the founder of United Light Workers of Greater Portland and was co-director of Magick Bridges Spiritual Enrichment and Healing Arts Center from November 2011-April 2013. Dede is honored to be on the board of directors of The HeartGlow Center and columnist for Inner Tapestry Journal. She joy-fully resides in Portland ME with her husband, daughter and felines. Please visit her website at:


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