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Love, Molly Kite: A New Year

Dear Diary,

It's a new year! Nana Whacky keeps saying “Time flies when you're having fun” so I guess that means that I must be having plenty of it because it seems silly that I'm already seven. I really enjoy January because each year Nana, Brando and I sit down and do a process that we call “Review and Renew”.

What we do is make a cup of our favorite tea, gather in the living room with a notepaper and pencils and answer some questions. Brother Brando likes to be the one to read the questions while using special voices. This year he stood up like that picture of George Washington crossing the river with his soldiers and with a serious face and a deep voice he asked “What were you the most successful at last year?” after we giggle and roll our eyes we all start scribbling our answers onto our papers.

Later, when all of the questions have been asked we take turns sharing our answers with each other. We have buckets of fun!! It's an entire afternoon of sharing and caring and learning about each other, and I keep my rag doll Faith with me so she can hear all the silliness, too.

I had no idea that Nana Whacky's favorite moment from last year was when I presented her with the vase I made with the help of JP. Whodathunkit? I also didn't know until I really thought about it that my own most funny moment last year was the time Brando, JP and I spent an afternoon baking cookies but accidentally used salt in place of the sugar and served them to Nana and her company. Oh my did we laugh as Nana's guest tried not to gag.

Once the review process is over we work on family goals. We talk about what we would like to do together as a team, we write sentences about those goals and then take quiet time to write out personal wishes, too. This year I'm asking for a new two-wheel bike for me and a new dress for Faith along with more time baking with Brando.

You know, dear diary, you just don't know the important moments in life until you take a minute to stop and think about them. I'm glad we do the Review and Renew process each year and I'm already excited about creating new memories for 2015.

Well, gotta run, I'm off to create a new memory with Brando. He wants to make a gigantic snowman that look like our pet raven, JP. This should be fun!

Sugarless cookies kisses,

Miss Molly Kite (& Faith)


Do your own Review & Renew process as a family. Here are a few questions you can use to get you going.

What was your happiest moment from last year?

What was your saddest moment?

Who did you enjoy spending the most time with?

What was your favorite book, favorite color, favorite food?

What do you wish you could have done differently?

Did you accomplish your goals? Why or why not?

What goals do you hope to accomplish in 2015?

How much money do you want to save?

How much time do you want to volunteer?

How many books will you read?

Do you love the Dear Diary column and have questions for Molly Kite or Nana Whacky?

We'd love to hear from you.

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