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Listening to Evolved Wisdom with a Cat on My Head: Fresh Starts

Since it is the beginning of a new year….I like to think of ways to make fresh starts in my life. Sometimes it means trying to improve myself and sometimes it means looking at myself differently….to see how I have identified myself and then think about trying something I've never done before... something that appeals to me on some level. . .and then I create goals on how to achieve this. It is my way of expanding myself and my experiences. As an animal communicator and energy worker I come across many different situations and one of the most common ones is someone calling me to get help with an animal companion that they have “rescued”…another way of having a fresh start. People often want to make sure that their animal companion is happy or want help with certain behaviors.

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful African Grey Parrot named Bea. Bea liked to travel in the car and visit certain places and friends. One of the places she truly enjoyed visiting was a particular pet food store and even more precisely ….a particular young lady who worked there. When Bea would spot her she would get vocally excited as well as do a dance of joy and anticipation only for this young lady. Bea would get up on her shoulder and travel around the store with her, cooing and conversing in a very sweet manner. It was clear that Bea felt….”you are one of my kind”, and it was definitely a mutual admiration. The fact that her person recognized this and made sure these visits happened often was wonderful and very healing for Bea as it was for anyone witnessing this special friendship.

As it happens I was at this same pet food store offering animal communication/healing sessions and Bea had an appointment with me. When it came to be Bea’s turn, she rested on her person's shoulder with her full attention on me. I was dazzled by her exotic and slightly prehistoric looks. Her eyes twinkled inquisitively with wisdom. Her tongue was a dark charcoal gray and leathery ….it moved slightly between her razor sharp beak. She was confidently perched on her human companion and when it became time to talk …she was self assured and playful in her conversation. The reason Bea’s person brought her in was because they were new companions and there were concerns about Bea's happiness. There were other birds in the home, all from various backgrounds. Bea had experienced a tough background and wasn't taken care of properly in the past, because of this she had plucked out many of her own feathers. As Bea’s person told me what had been going on and was asking me what I felt from Bea, there was a distinct voice in my mind. . . "look at my chest area….what do you see?”. Well what I saw was many fine little baby feathers. Bea and I spoke again telepathically, "tell my person about them please…I am proud of them".

I told Bea’s person what was said and asked her if they were new or were left from the plucking. “Well, they are new, they are the ones that have grown back" she replied.

I explained to her how important they were to Bea….what Bea said next was that she was asking all of us to see what was there and not what we had considered missing. When we look at things and label them as wrong or lacking we are sending disempowering messages. To Bea this was a badge of honor…”look what I have grown back …..look at what I have accomplished despite all the challenges life has put in my direction…..I am strong and a survivor….look at my feathers…they are growing".

I always remember Bea very fondly and her way of looking at her world with strength, joy, and optimism. Bea also complimented me on my beak as well….she told me that it served me well…this made me laugh and I have never thought of my nose quite the same way since.

When I am connecting with an animal I also do medical intuitive work around them and I am often sent vibrations or frequencies. I then match them up to words or information that I know.  What I discovered from Bea was a way of asking for different things and modalities that would help her heal.

The first thing she asked for was a mixture of warm water and Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to be but in a mister for her bathing…she was specific about asking for the one with brandy as the preservative not the one made just for pets. It has such a low dose and it is known to be safe but I got a kick out of her being that specific with me.

The second thing she asked…was for her person to learn some things from a modality called Tellington TTouch. It would work with her cellular memory and neuropathways. Bea realized. . .this will give me a different experience…and it is a way to for humans to get a different response from me. I have been a fan of Tellington TTouch for many years and would highly recommend it to anyone.  It is a respectful and affective way to work with animals and helps to remind them of their perfection.

My lesson from Bea was and always will be. . .look at what there is and be grateful for it…not at what I may think may be lacking. This has been so helpful in the healing work that I offer as well as in my own life.

I was asked a question by one of my readers that I thought I would answer in this article. They asked me if I hear things in my mind or feel things when I am communicating, and how do I know when it is me or someone else. I have been asked this question many times and it is a wonderful question that I have answered in many different ways. How I would like to address it now is. . .that a sense of peace and knowingness comes over me…I feel like I have made a connection and can speak with confidence…even though many times I am not sure what is going to come out of my mouth. I have learned to tap into a place of groundedness and keep the wellbeing of the animal in question as well. . . my intentions are to convey messages in any way they want….they are in charge. This way they can be very open with me. If they show me something that they want me to understand and yet not convey it to anyone they know that I would never break their trust.  When I am connecting to them I am in a centered place, animals can say…hey…I understand this energy….it is approachable…let’s chat. This may be a bit simplified but it is basically what goes on, I am not allowing any barriers. I am always working on perfecting my answers to the questions. Connections happen in so many different ways but what they all have in common. . .is that I look at all animals as my equals and they have my respect. . . it is always an honor to be in their presence in my everyday existence.



Kathryn Drage is an Animal Communicator who resides in Gardiner, Maine. She has been communicating with animals and nature since early childhood. For the last 20 years Kathryn has also worked in the holistic health field, which enhances the information she shares from the heart. During a session, Kathryn infuses her wisdom, many healing modalities as well as past experiences to help assist with the well being of the receiver. She truly enjoys teaching workshops on a variety of topics. She believes Animal Communication is everyone’s original language and the more that it’s shared the closer it brings all beings into harmony and balance. She can be contacted at and


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