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Listening to Evolved Wisdom with a Cat on My Head: Bright Star

I wake up and feel the coolness in the air. Breathing in deeply, I stretch and feel appreciation for the warm blankets that cover me. I feel the familiar warmth of cat bundles by my knees, ankles, shoulders and head. This makes me smile, and as I open my eyes, there is a pair of very intent green and gold eyes staring at me. Bright Star! He’s a beautiful long haired tuxedo cat. I laugh because I know he’s been intently waiting for me to stir and I also know that I woke up just in time to avoid being kneaded or gently pawed on my head. It’s one of the few mornings that I get to sleep in. The other kitties, all five of them, have given up and have decided to join me in sleeping. They create warm patches around my body as they snuggle close. I can feel their love surround me; my heart smiles because the feeling is mutual.

Somebody has to take charge around here and Bright Star is just the one to do it! He knows there’s much to do today. I try to wiggle myself out of bed without disturbing their sleep, but by the time I’m standing, everyone is stretching and yawning.  Okay Bright Star, let’s go! As we make our way downstairs, I smile and giggle at the gentle thundering sound of 24 excited feet joining me to start our day. For me, most mornings begin this way and every day I am beautifully reminded of how blessed I am to be doing what I dreamt of as a child.

I am incredibly excited for the opportunity to write this column and to share my experiences from the beautiful animal kingdom with hopes that you too can gather new perceptions or feel validation for what you already know.

I chose the title for this column with intention. Animal communication is an opportunity to listen and gain insight from animals, it always comes from the heart without judgment. Animals are ready to share and assist us in our healing journeys. Besides the spiritual reasoning for the title of my column I am obliged to tell you that it’s also my physical reality. It seems that no matter what I’m doing or where, most often there is a cat on my head, on my lap, or my shoulder.  My cats are my constant companions.

I wanted to share a few stories of hope, love and awareness that has been brought forward to humans via the animal kingdom…they have been a beautiful inspiration for me and I hope for you as well. Throughout my journey of finding my place in the world of animal communication I had read and researched everything I could find about it. For me, the book that resonated most for me is, “Kinship with All Life” by J. Allen Boone. When I read the passage, “Whenever I was properly humble and willing to let something besides a human be my instructor, these various four legged, six legged and no legged fellows shared priceless wisdom with me. They taught me that perfect co-operation between the human and all other forms of life is unfailing whenever the human really does his required part.” I can’t begin to describe how those words hit me. I have alwaysfelt this way. I’ve known it in my heart as long as I can remember. He confirmed for me that my mode of communication was valid. WOW! Thank you J. Allen Boone for expressing the words that set my journey in motion.

What I have learned on this path is that we all feel, see and share things differently. Yet the communication is relevant no matter the form. The information that I receive from the animal kingdom goes far beyond their favorite foods, activities, or illnesses. Their messages are deeper, more beautiful and meaningful. I’d like to share with you a few examples of how their wisdom transcends any barriers and delivers it straight to our hearts.

My first example gives us the message of unconditional love. I’d like to introduce to you a beautiful horse that I’ll call Joseph. Joseph lived a life in the race world. When that part of his life was over he was placed in the care of individuals who advertised their facility as “an animal sanctuary.”  It was far from a sanctuary for Joseph or the others that were taken there. Conditions were unhealthy.   It didn’t take long for Joseph’s health to deteriorate. Fortunately, Joseph was discovered by a group of kind-hearted people. Their mission was to get him out of there and in a safe place.

I was contacted and asked if I could connect with him to see how they could better assist him. We made an instant connection; Joseph was amazingly open and candid. He asked me for a special request. He knew that what he was asking me to do was far greater than the people who rescued him could or would do. He understood that they had been through so much and saw what strenuous conditions he was kept in and they were angry with the people who kept him this way. He was clear that he didn’t condone what the people in the sanctuary had done, but he wanted me to know that it was imperative that I look at this situation from a different perspective. Instead of being angry for the suffering he had endured he asked that I send healing to them. Yes, Joseph wanted me to send prayers for healing for the three women who ran the sanctuary that caused him further dis-ease. He knew that love is the only way to bring forth change and end the cycle.  He was aware that the three women who ran the sanctuary had been abused in their youth. He understood the way they were treating the animals in their care actually was a tell tale sign of the wounds they suffered on the inside.

I asked Joseph how he would like me to do this. Should I use Reiki, prayer or any one of the other techniques I have learned along the way? While he agreed that these would all be helpful, he had a different technique to show me. As soon as I said yes I started to receive a series of images in my mind’s eye. I saw myself holding an infant in my arms, a precious human baby. Intuitively I brought my arms to my chest as if I was cradling a physical baby. What I felt was love, pure and unconditional love. I intuitively knew that I was to send nurturing thoughts. Then, I saw an image of a woman standing next to Joseph in his neglected state. Joseph asked that I continue to hold the infant and shared with me that the baby was indeed one of the three women from the sanctuary. He asked that I say all the words I felt an infant would thrive from hearing; that I say words in a positive form and present tense, so that this infant would know that it was loved, cherished and safe. My job was to do this for all three women and this would send them a vibration to assist in their healing. Joseph said that no one in a healthy state of mind harms another on purpose.

Thank you Joseph for trusting me and sharing your wisdom because of this technique I have been blessed to assist with helping to change the lives of both animal and human. I too am forever changed. I am thankful for the people who rescued Joseph and that they called me to assist in his journey. For me, this experience showed me that love is the key to change a life’s cycle and that through love we can change our past, present and future.

My next story is about a serious matter but has a light-hearted twist. One thing to remember is that these stories are from my perspective and how I saw them unfold.

This example happened when I first started doing events and offering animal communication/healing sessions. Since I was new to this kind of event, I was observing the room. I heard the double doors to the gymnasium open and I heard a woman ask loudly,   “Where is the animal communicator? I am looking for the animal communicator!” It seemed like everyone in the room stopped to look at her. I saw the person in charge point in my direction. Then everyone,  okay, it felt like everyone turned to my direction. Hmmm, I thought… I guess that’s one way to get noticed. The lady then proceeded to march over to me. Maybe it was that I still felt all eyes on me but you couldn’t miss her bright blonde hair and pink fluffy clothing. With her on a leash,  was a light colored cocker spaniel with pink adornments. As she approached she said, “Are you the Animal Communicator? The police have sent me to talk to you!” My focus waivered for a split second, I pondered how the police had known that I was an Animal Communicator.  I was quickly brought back to the lady telling me that her home had been broken into and the police had no leads. They told her to talk to an animal communicator because her dog was the only one home when it happened. As I connected with this lovely cocker spaniel, she had something else on her mind and could I help her? She had severely itchy skin. I shared with her person that we needed to honor her dog’s wishes and discuss the skin condition first. Once we had that taken care of, the dog did give a description of the people who broke in. It was a relative and one of their friends. I am grateful to this wonderful dog for assisting me with delivering this very delicate information. I was able to gently give information that the lady could absorb so that she was able to figure out who it was.

As an Animal Communicator I learned early on that it was my responsibility to interpret and offer what the animals share with me to the best of my ability. This experience taught me the delicate art of communicating truth with compassion.

My ability stems from a meditation I performed years ago, where I connected with the energy of Animal Consciousness. For me, this represents the collective energy of the animal kingdom sort of like the union leaders of all animals.  I asked how I could serve them and how do I learn to trust what I was feeling? The reply was strong and no nonsense. It surprised me! They said,   “We have enough beings attempting this part of the way. If you really want to work with us, we require that you go all the way. Cast your doubt aside. Take a leap of faith. If you do these things, you will be guided to exactly what is needed from you. What do you wish to do?”

It was then I fully realized what I’d been sensing since childhood. This was something much bigger than me, it existed in the universe. The choice to communicate with the animal kingdom, to serve them and humanity; all I needed to do was commit to it. I can’t express the fullness of my heart. I had known all my life that this is what I wanted to do and here was my opportunity. Right at that moment, I pledged to listen and serve to the very best of my ability. Trust, respect and honor are always at the foundation of my messages. Animals know my intention, they know my pledge. So when I give a message to a loved one I always give information the way the animals wish me to and aim for harmony to be the result.



Kathryn Drage is an Animal Communicator who resides in Gardiner, Maine. She has been communicating with animals and nature since early childhood. For the last 20 years Kathryn has also worked in the holistic health field, which enhances the information she shares from the heart. During a session, Kathryn infuses her wisdom, many healing modalities as well as past experiences to help assist with the well being of the receiver. She truly enjoys teaching workshops on a variety of topics. She believes Animal Communication is everyone’s original language and the more that it’s shared the closer it brings all beings into harmony and balance. She can be contacted at kdrage4animals@gmail.comand


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