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Is Body Memory Holding You Back?

With all the many changes that have been happening in all areas of life, I thought it was a good time to take a look at body memory.  Although you may not remember past issues, or past lives in many cases, your body stores information.   Your body never forgets.  Like the proverbial elephant, anything that has ever happened to you is stored in your cellular memory.  Some even claim that all past life memory can be found in your current body.  If that is true, maybe it’s time you took at look at some of your “habits” to discover what they truly mean.  It’s time to take the next step and look at what you are holding onto and how it is effecting your life.  It is time to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

You have to remember, everything you do, everything you believe, everything in your life is based on your own personal experience.  This experience is stored in your body.  Everything you have ever experienced is now a body memory.  Science claims that if someone bursts a balloon in your face when you are a small infant, you will always have a bad reaction to loud, sudden noises.  Some of you might be triggered by odors – you smell an apple pie baking and you think of your grandmother.  That’s another kind of body memory.  Or what about when you’re used to driving a manual transmission car and you get in to drive a car with an automatic transmission?  Have you ever found yourself stomping your left foot on the floor?  So, what are youstoring in your body memory?

If you are having difficulties in your life that you can’t quite seem to change, taking a look at your body memory may assist you.  There is the change that you initiate.  Most of you can handle that.  There is the change that is thrust upon you.   Most of you resist that type.  And then there is the change that you want, but can’t quite figure out how to make work.  What is it you experienced that makes it difficult for you to change those things you really wish to change but can’t quite find a way to do it?  It comes down to being aware of what is there.  If you don’t know that it exits, then how can you go about changing it?

If you initiate the change, you feel more in control.  It’s easier to adapt to finding a new job because you want to rather than because you were fired or laid off.  It’s okay if you initiate the divorce rather than to have your partner initiate the divorce.  Those obvious things that change include your jobs, your relationships and partnerships, the amount of money you have, or in some cases, don’t have, your living environment, how you dress or wear your hair.  All of these things are subject to change.  In most cases, they are changes you can make consciously, using your intellect.  However, your intuitive self works with your emotions.  Your emotions often are based on body memory or perhaps the other way around.  So it is time to probe your emotions and see what you turn up.

Ever notice that you tend to make the same New Year’s resolutions year after year?  This is the best example of resistance to change I can offer.  It’s also a prime example of working with your feeling levels instead of your intellectual levels.  Your resolutions are those thing that you have not chosen to face for what they are.  They are part of your body memory and need to be looked at from a different prospective if you truly wish to be successful.  If you are making a resolution, then you are saying that something needs to be resolved.  So, if you’re always talking about dieting, getting into better shape, saving money, quitting smoking, being nicer to people, whatever the “usual” is to you, then you have your first clue as to a body memory that you wish to change.

Let’s do a little more probing.  What you resist, persists.  That means that whatever you are always thinking about is what you will bring about.  The person who is driving their car in a white knuckle sort of way since they are afraid of bad road conditions is the person who is more likely to cause and have an accident.  The person who gets into their car and simply recognizes that the weather is lousy so they are going to take their time and not worry about punching a clock is the one who is more likely to be able to avoid an accident.

If you are always worried that it won’t work out, it won’t work out.  If you think you can’t, then you’re right.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be right about something other than being wrong?  The intuitive, psychic world is the world of the real you.  It really is more simple than you realize.  You have incredible power on so many levels but you continually use those powers for things that make your life more difficult rather than more easy.

One absolute of the psychic world is that you create your own reality.  Think about that for a moment.  You create. So, if the life you are living now isn’t working for you, you get to create it differently.  That is, if you understand how it works.  It starts with your thoughts.  If you can think it, you can do it.  Now, I’m not talking instantly.  There is still something called Divine timing that needs to be considered. There’s also that issue that no one person creates in a vacuum so you need to consider outside influences.  However, your thoughts are very powerful.

I had someone tell me a wonderful yet scary story once.  They worked in a company with one guy that no one liked, I’ll call him Bob.  Bob was always pulling rank and making everyone else's jobs more difficult.  So, as a group, they set out to see what they could change about him.  Every time Bob entered the common office area, someone would mention how he didn’t look too good.  Ask how he was feeling.  Then the next person would reinforce that comment with a “are you sure you’re okay?  Your color isn’t good.”  In less than a month, everyone heard how Bob, who as far as anyone knew was in good health, made a doctors appointment because he was convinced there was something wrong with him.  This makes me think about the chicken and the egg.  Was he really sick and people, through comments, noticed it on another level?  Or was he in okay health and the comments they made created something in his reality that resulted in illness.  Do not underestimate your own power.  

So you can see how everything works first with the thought.  The coworkers in my story then took it to the next logical step and started speaking.  You all know the old adage of “thought, word, deed”.  That story I told is very representative of that adage.  They first thought it up, put it to work by talking about it and the “deed” part was this poor guys trip to the doctors because he was sure he was dying.  Besides all of those people feeling pretty crummy about this, since most of them blamed themselves for acting the way they did, they never really understood their personal power.  They participated in something that created something else.  Regardless of the outcome, it was still created through their group effort and belief system.  

This story is not meant to give you any ideas of how to get rid of those people you don’t like.  If the guy they chose to pick on was in a right space to begin with, they would have never succeeded.  So, if every time they made a comment about how bad he looked he responded with a “never felt better in my life” none of the doctor issues would have appeared.  Bob could work on the same principles – thought, word and deed.  His thought would be that he felt good.  He would respond to all those comments with the “never felt better” line and all of that would result in a deed that did NOT need to bring on medical care.  So lets turn this power into a positive tool to use for changing body memory.

First you think it.  Do you really believe you can succeed?  This is the very first step.  If you say “yes” while thinking “oh, that’s never going to happen” then you have created it not happening.  With a contradiction between what you think and what you say, you will never get to the “deed” part of this equation.

And all of this takes us to your language.  How many of you really pay attention to the things that you say?  Here’s an easy exercise.  Spend one day, just one, checking out how often you say the word “should”.  I should do that, go there, take care of that.  Or the words “have to”.  It’s just like should.  I have to do that, go there,  take care of that. And how about the word can’t?  I can’t do that, go there or take care of that.  Words are powerful.  They sink into who we are and are a part of your body memory.  If your entire childhood was spent being told you can’t do that, or you have to do this, or you should make sure of that, you may be doing things as if you are a frightened five year old instead of an adult.  Your body memory has no shelf life.

Have you ever looked at the concept of  “intention and attention”? Do you really know what each of these words mean?  Do you actually state things like “I intend to make this happen”?  Do you even have a clue where you attention is?   Think of it this way.  If you intend something, that’s the thing you want to happen in your life.  If you pay attention, that’s the thing that you are actually working on in your life.  So, if your intention is to be exceptionally wealthy (every one of us has had that particular thought), you need to ask, where is your attention?  Are you studying the stock market. . . learning to invest. . . playing the odds by gambling. . . getting an advanced education. . .   The bottom line is are you putting your attention where you intention is?  It’s like being in your car.  If your intention is to drive forward, then you should not be looking behind you and the car needs to be in drive.  

If you say you want to change something, and that something is a body memory – let’s look at smoking – then your intention and attention have to be in alignment.  What are you doing to stop smoking besides talking about it?  And most of all, do you really wish to quit?  Our habits become habits because they offer us something we don’t have.  You are probing emotional stuff now. There is often more than one reason you started something.  If you can’t be honest with yourself and understand that, then you will have a tough time changing it.

How do you create the reality you say you want?   The first step would be to make sure you know what it is you wish to create (thought).  Then, make statements in regard to that reality, remembering intention is important (word). Then, take some kind of action.  Any step is a step toward what you say you desire.   Working with thought, word and deed can help you get in touch with your body memory and, if you desire, change it.


Sue Yarmey – Energy Translator/Channel/Psychic
Sue has been interpreting universal energy for more than 40 years. She offers guidance for the 3D world by accessing the various faceted levels of energy. Using all her sensory perceptions as well as occasional physical tools she counsels people in the now, offering insight into the current dynamics of a situation acting as a reflection of a persons lessons. Sue is a 1975 graduate of the Institute of Psychorientology, and a shaktipat initiate of Anandi Ma. She was Portland, Maine’s original radio psychic with an educational call-in show and on-air readings. She developed a 3-hour call in show on metaphysical topics, did call in readings on WTHT and daily “Tarot of the Day” updates. FMI: Sue Yarmey, 207-284-9498, www.sueyarmey.comor


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