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Hermetic Qabalah: Etheric Surgery for the Advancement of the Soul

Qabalah is an extremely powerful tool for self transformation, increasing your self awareness, and self empowerment by greater understanding of how one participates as the circumstances of life as it unfolds. It has been called The Yoga of the West and Etheric Surgery for the Advancement of the Soul. Change your thoughts, your attitudes and your actions and in effect change your vibration, what you attract, and your Karma! The phrase above every Mystery School doorway is “Know Thyself”. Qabalah is the key to the door of knowing the self. Qabalah has very practical and real life application once it is understood. This program explores the occult, or hidden knowledge, within the Hermetic Qabalah and the symbology provided within. Symbology speaks directly to the subconscious and bypasses the thinking part of the brain. I have read that we live 90-95% of the time by our subconscious and only 5% of the time are we living our lives consciously. How sad is that? How much more empowered would you feel if you were living your life with an increased awareness and with tools to clear out subconscious self sabotage so you can manifest the life you desire?

Qabalah study is usually a 10 to 12 month program depending on the teacher and their teaching style. During that time the student will be introduced to all 10 emanations, or energies, of each individual sephiroth. Included in the study program is the exploration of that aspect of energy in the creation of the self, the God Name, Archangel, Angelic Order as well as the symbology, planetary influences, and archetypes included in the sephiroth. The student is ascended up the Tree of Life with ceremony and ritual, in effect 'locking' the energy in place. As the student experiences the energies of that aspect of the Divine Self they are able to clear out negative behavior patterns and perceptions that no longer serve them. Much like a raindrop is transformed depending on the influences during its fall from the cloud it can become hail, sleet, drizzle, or a snowflake. In its essence it remains water.

Subsequent study entails experiencing the energies of the 22 individual paths coming back down the tree, experiencing each energy individually. Each of the 22 paths associated with 1 of the 22 letters of creation which is a Hebrew letter, a Major Arcana tarot card, and either a planetary influence or zodiac sign. It is wisest to have a solid foundation of exploring the stable energy of each individual sephiroth first so that those energies are already incorporated before exploring the flowing energy between sephiroth. We build upon the stable foundation already established in the first part of the program so that it is more manageable and meaningful for the student.

To become a student of Qabalah requires work and dedication. You will be challenged and you will be provided many opportunities for change as you travel up and down the Tree of Life. How the student is affected depends on their individual filters, perceptions, self beliefs, and life experiences. It is entirely individual. As a nurse I am aware that everyone has a different tolerance to painful stimulus and therefore each individual will have a different tolerance to energetic stimulus as well. Whether you choose to remain in the contemplation phase and do nothing or move forward into the action phase and take steps to remove negative patterns in your life and behavior is the student's choice. As a teacher I honor either decision as everyone must walk their own path. I often say 'Everyone in their own time and their own way.' At least you, as the student, will have a greater awareness that there is change to be made and can live with greater purpose and authenticity. Some may say that is it 'hard' or 'difficult' to traverse the tree. I feel those words denote a sense of 'victim-hood' insinuating that one is at the mercy of the energy. Why plant that seed for a student to bring to fruition if that student may not even experience the energy that way? I prefer to use the term 'challenging' as everyone is challenged to grow and face change on a daily basis. Every student can expect to feel challenged when undertaking a new adventure and understand that there is work involved in facing these challenges. I feel this attitude is positive and more empowering and my goal is for students to feel empowered. I like the way these words sound, feel, and are more powerful to envision. Qabalah teaches that as a spark of the Divine we have everything we need, therefore the student has what is needed to overcome any challenges they encounter during the process if they choose to work on them over time. I say 'over time' because change is a dynamic process. There will be progress forward and backwords as the student works to change long-held beliefs and behavior patterns and work toward creating new habits and thought processes. This can take months or even years depending on the individual circumstances.

I would also like to remove any vocabulary barriers. People already participate in ceremony and ritual without even realizing it in their day to day lives.  There will be ceremony. What is ceremony? Ceremony is gathering in sacred space, setting an intention, raising energy and dispersing it. Much like going to church entails going to sacred space, praying for someone or  certain cause, singing/music to raise the energy and then dispersing the congregation. What is ritual? Ritual is performing the same actions in the same order, calling in energy, directing it an releasing it. This is much like what a priest does when consecration the Host and the Wine while during Mass. There will be guided journeys to each sephiroth temple to explore the energy and the symbology of that Divine Emanation. This is similar to meditation.

If in reading this article you feel that this does not resonate with you then I have served. You are able to make a decision now. If you feel that you are unsure then I have served you in giving you the information to decide later. If you feel that this is something you are interested in exploring further you can start looking for further information or a teacher now.


Valerie Irish is a healer, teacher, guide, and Qabalist  sourced from the 7th Ray Mystery School. She is also an international channel and Human Design Specialist providing readings internationally. She has over 30 years experience in the medical field. She is an Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master. She is a graduate of the Ancient Ways Modern Powers Program and is a Guide and 3rd step Ceremonial Master. Valerie has been teaching and coaching since 1997, helping patients understand the complex human body, disease process, and how to make lifestyle changes impacting their health in a simple, easy to understand format so they can be successful in managing their mental, emotional, and physical health. Valerie is authorized to teach the following classes and seminars from the 7th Ray Mystery School: Gifts of the Spirit Basic®, Astral Travel, Divine Geometry, 24 Strand DNA Activation, Adam Kadmon® 1 day seminar, Shiva Lingam, Alchemy for Everyone, Spells & Charms for Women, Adept I, Energy Basics, Etheric Healing Basic, Ceremonial Master Intro, Intro to Qabalah, and Qabalah. Valerie is granted the authority and lineage to provide Adept initiations into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. and


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