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Chipmunk Wisdom by Barbara Ellis


by Barbara Ellis

Recently, I was preparing to give an introductory talk on the subject of animal communication. My plan was to address three broad areas: what telepathic or intuitive communication entails, the inherent interspecies benefits, and what the animals most want for us to know. For this third and final portion, I began answering the question from my own many years of experience in conversing with animals. They want for us to see them for who they really are. They want for us to appreciate their spiritual splendor. They want for us to recognize and value their magnificent consciousnesses. They want for us to benefit from their awe-inspiring wealth of wisdom. They want for us to return to a state of Oneness – of brotherhood and sisterhood – with them.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that there would be someone far better qualified than I to answer the question of what animals most want for us to know. So, I extended an invitation to the Universe, asking for a communicative connection with any very wise being who could speak on behalf of all animals on Earth collectively. Chipmunk came forward and volunteered. While all that I would have offered on the topic from my vantage point was perfectly valid, none of it quite qualified as that which the animals MOST want for us to understand. Short and sweet, Chipmunk conveyed that of primary importance from their perspective: Humans must be kind to ourselves.

It is not that animals don't want us to perceive them differently. That will follow naturally. The first step is to honor ourselves as we deserve. We've all heard that familiar precept or adage, that we cannot truly love another until we love ourselves. Well, here was a chipmunk representative of the entire animal kingdom saying the very same thing.

Everything is energy and has vibration. You and I are energy. Even our thoughts are energy. And energy is real and powerful, whether or not we can see it.

We are individual sparks of one divine whole. The all of us who come from the same divinity include those of the animal kingdom . . . and the plant kingdom . . . and the mineral kingdom . . . and the everything that is energy. There is an inherent unity of which we are an integral part. In Truth, there is not the separation that we perceive between ourselves and others. We are connected in Spirit to all that we have come to believe is apart from us, whether near or far. Given this understanding, we can see that the sharing of energy, in Oneness, flows easily and naturally.

The energy of our thoughts and feelings spontaneously radiates from us, even without our conscious direction. Since all life is connected, the animals are very much impacted by our individual thoughts.

Personally, I would find greater comfort in saying that the influence is an indirect one. However, Chipmunk corrected me, specifying with clarity that the energetic impact of our thoughts upon animals is indeed direct. When we entertain self-deprecating thoughts or cast judgments of others, for instance, those “real-stuff” vibrations are emanated from our beings and actually alter the life experiences of the animals.

Perhaps it would be useful to think of a thought – good, bad, or indifferent – as if it were a light breeze that just keeps moving indefinitely, never fizzling out. You are the point of origin for this breeze, as you merely think the thought. At every encounter that the breeze comes upon, the one touched by the breeze of your thought is not only affected, but altered – changed by the energy and chosen response to it.

I asked Chipmunk, using the emotion of anger as an example, to comment on what it feels like at the receiving end of some stray angry thought. According to Chipmunk, it feels like the piercing of a sword into the body. Evidently, wild animals do not feel the penetration of each emotion from each individual person; rather, they feel the composite energies of the masses. Chipmunk described the affectation of our so-called negative energies as causing animals to go about their existences carrying a burden of our heaviness. Compared with the potential of the buoyancy available in life, the present experience is more like trudging through a thick toxic fog.

Our companion animals get more of a double whammy. They receive the general impact from the overall population plus the more individualized hits from their close interaction with us. The difference in experience between wild and domestic animals is not due to geographic distance or proximity. Each species is here for similar yet distinct purposes. Companion animals are here, in part, to experience immersion in human societies. Part of that experience involves energetic bonding with us. It is the energetic bond, rather than physical proximity, which brings them a more intensified version of our energetic output.

Chipmunk perceives the next logical step in human development to be seeing ourselves authentically, for the divine and magnificent beings that we are. When we truly incorporate this understanding, and live experientially in this knowing, there will no longer be cause or place for thoughts of unworthiness to be harbored in relation to ourselves or our fellow humans. At such time that we bring this to fruition, there will be a natural outflowing of appreciation and genuine, thorough valuing of ALL life. Then, rather than experiencing life oppressively, both we and the animals will be able to live in lightness and joy.


Barbara Ellisshares her ever-renewing awe for the wisdom of all life forms as received through the universal language of telepathic communication. She offers animal communication consultations worldwide for the purpose of enhancing mutual understanding, resolving issues, and further deepening interspecies relationships. With passions for both the metaphysical and the spiritual, Barbara feels blessed to be able to serve as translator with reminders of the Oneness of All. For more information, you may visit


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