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10 Ways to Bathe with Your Angels

After having breast cancer in 2012 I began to work with angel intuitive Christopher Dilts of weekly for four years. I wanted to learn more about my soul’s mission and my spiritual purpose here as a healer, plus I wanted to learn how to connect regularly with my angels and my Divine team for strength and guidance during that challenging time. Doing this made me feel surrounded by unconditional love and I could feel my angels presence in surgeries and procedures when my loved ones were not allowed to be with me.

Your angels know no bounds and their only wish is to be of service for your Highest good and development. I practiced connecting to my angels through prayer, a practice of deep breathing and meditation. I never became an advanced meditator and as a working mom with a 4 year old and 6 year old it was hard to find quiet time for a regular practice, especially on a pillow somewhere in my small Brooklyn apartment. I had two young kids running around and little, ‘me’ time. I’d often get my best inspirations while walking by the ocean or sometimes on my subway commute when I was still, quiet and alone.

One day I was taking a bath with a candle and essential oils and I got the creative inspiration for a book on the Shekhinah. It was so clear to me and it came to me almost as a complete download. I felt emptied like a sacred vessel in my sacred bath so that could channel this energy. I learned to empty myself of ego, lower emotions and thoughts for a short period of time so that energy could pour through. As I continued this practice daily for several years I noticed that it was a great relaxing, easy way to connect with my angels and to pray for guidance. I began to look forward to my sacred baths for these reasons and more and noticed that they helped me to move forward in different areas of my life as well.

A sacred bath is a simple ritual that you can try where you light a candle, put in some essential oils and Epsom salt into the bath and call in your Higher Self or a Divine Guide, like an angel. You enter the sacred bath with an intention or question and meditate upon it for 25 minutes. You also let all negativity—blocks, limiting beliefs and emotions go down the drain. This often creates a sort of, ‘reset’ so that you can emerge with a higher vibration, a clear intention and hopefully new insight and peace.

There are many different angels that you can call upon to help with specific parts of your life. They are here to help all of us, no exceptions. We just need to ask them for guidance and be still, so that we can hear it. Most of us are out of practice with this. We run around too much and don’t create regular time to do it with all our physical distractions and responsibilities.

What I discovered (as directed by my angels) is that the bath is often that one time that nobody will bother you for 25 minutes. Plus, water has been shown to increase intuitive messages and to amplify your intention. So, why not take a sacred bath to connect with your angels and improve your life? It is so helpful to experience that you have a Divine Team that loves and supports you and that only wants your Highest good. You will remember that you are never alone, even when facing death or in less extreme challenges like the loss of a job, a divorce etcetera.

My new book, The Book of Sacred Baths covers 10 sacred baths with your angels but there are many more variations that you can customize and do. Let me briefly name 10 angels here and some things you can ask them to help you with in your sacred bath:

1-Archangel Michael- is an Archangel to call upon for protection and setting boundaries.

2-Archangel Gabriel- is an Archangel who inspires for creative inspiration

3-Archangel Sandalphon- is an Archangel who opens the corridor from Earth to Heaven, receives prayers from people and connects us to our root chakra which is associated with safety, security, our basic needs and the structure that we need to survive and thrive.

4-Archangel Ariel- is the Angel of Joy in our hearts. She oversees Sprites, the nature angels and is associated with water. You can ask her to bring you joy.

5-Shekhinah- is the Feminine Divine in Judaism, the Sabbath Bride. She’s the compassionate mother of us all, the Angel of Unity and unconditional love. Ask her to bring you the energy of abiding compassion.

6-Archangel Raphael- is an Archangel who heals your emotions and physical body. Ask him to bring you health and to balance your chakras.

7-The Angel of Forgiveness- You can ask her to help you release old hurt.

8-Your Guardian Angel- is a life coach for your soul's development. Ask her to advise you about your next steps in your soul’s mission or development.

9-Metatron-is an Archangel and the keeper of the Akashic Records. Ask him to teach you about your karmic lessons and to help you resolve your karma so that you can grow on the spiritual level.

10-Archangel Raguel- He is the Angel of Harmony in relationships. Ask him to bring harmony to all your relationships now.

You can create your own intention, prayer and meditation for your sacred bath and ask the relevant angel for guidance. You can also pick up a copy of my book and read the meditations and bath recipes I prepared there about each angel and more.

Happy Bathing with your angels! I hope this tool will help you as much as it has me.



Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman is a psychologist and writer. She wrote the upcoming, The Book of Sacred Baths,’ published by Llewellyn Worldwide and is the author of Dating from the Inside Out, published by Atria Books and 19 others. She has a private practice in Manhattan for psychotherapy and does dating and life coaching by phone. Learn more at www.DrPauletteSherman.comor


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