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Parker Lee Reynolds

June 30, 2010 - October 20, 2012

Angel Wings at age 2 years

While pregnant I never imagined words like Lissencephaly, Microcephaly, 'Not compatible with life' - I think no expectant parent does. But Parker's head had stopped growing at 20 weeks gestation so I went into a scheduled c-section, these words constantly repeating in my head and fully expecting to only have a little bit of time with my daughter, likely all of it while being inpatient. Boy, were they wrong.


Not only did Parker get discharged with me at 5 days old, but she thrived for almost 2.5 years. Sure we had our battles, surgeries, seizures, and countless medications, but she smiled through any and all of it. She wore the labels of her diagnosis, but she never let them define her. And she spent her entire life proving doctors wrong.


Parker was such a bright light, a beautiful, old soul. Even strangers couldn't help but fall in love with her - she was magnetic. She lit up any room and made even the hardest days better. Parker also taught us about a world, a life we never knew existed. And we knew her legacy would have to continue on.


Parker's life sparked a desire to make a difference, a reason to speak her name daily even after all these years. Because of our struggles I started The Parker Lee Project after her passing. I would have never known our system for medical supplies and equipment was so broken if it weren't for her teachings.


We are forever grateful for her legacy, for the 2 years we were blessed with her. She will always make an impact not just in our lives, but so many others as well. 

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