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Lindsay Anne Peterson

February 11, 1983 - June 19, 2014

Angel Wings at age 31 years


Lindsay, AKA "Linz" or "Dude"  was the light and love of not just our lives, but the many  lives she touched in her life. She taught all who knew her to learn to love the "little" things in life.


Lindsay was a WARRIOR, she was a medical mystery for the first 18 years of her life.  Never given a formal diagnosis, only being treated for a host of symptoms and medical complications. The hospitalizations were numerous, the seizures were too many to count and life threatening issues were in abundance. Linz fought with determination and strength, not succumbing to defeat although her struggles were many. When Linz was 18 she saw a Doctor of Genetics who was able to put a name to her list of medical issues that she had been living with. MILLER-DIEKER LISSENCEPHALY!  With the life expectancy of 2 years, this WARRIOR  had already defied the odds of medical science and would continue to marvel and amaze all those in the medical field for another 13 years.


Linz let herself be known. One look into her eyes and you could see her beautiful soul. She may not have been able to speak verbally, but she let her eyes, facial expressions and body movements speak for her. She used a computer program called "Eagle Eyes" where she loved showing off how much she really knew. She identified animals, letters, numbers and even composed a Father's day card ON HER OWN! Mostly she liked playing games and doing eye paintings. She was given the nickname "Lindsay Monet" for her art work……


There were many things that brought her joy. Her favorite was cuddling. She would wrap her arms around your neck and hug, although occasionally you would receive a punch in the face while she struggled to move her arm around your neck. I miss those punches! LOL She also loved mylar balloons and disco lights for their shimmer and movements. She also loved butterflies, their serene and tranquil flight brought her a sense of calmness. She visited every Butterfly garden in New England. It was not unusual to see the butterflies find her as a safe haven, landing and resting each visit.


Lindsay was and will always be our HERO!


Lindsay's legacy hopefully will be an inspiration and hope to others!

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