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Lance Devan Locklear

March 9, 2000 - December 28, 2006

Angel Wings at age 6 years

Lance was born March 9, 2000 and came in to the world with some struggles and neither he nor his parents had any idea what they would face in the months and years to come. As young parents we were so excited and we took our son home to began raising him and looking forward to all the normal things kids would do. That was not the case!


Within a few months we noticed something unusual about Lance, he seemed to have problems with his vision and we took him to the pediatrician and he was no help. We took him to the hospital where they began to run test and they found out he had Menkes Syndrome.


They told us to plan his funeral because the life expectancy for kids with this disease was not good. We took him home and started to learn all about this disease called Menkes Syndrome. My wife and I knew that our love and commitment to Lance would help him battle this disease and we would not allow these doctors to put us in a box like they did to so many other families that faced the same situation.


Life for our son and family was not easy but, we found a way to make it work. All that mattered to us was giving Lance the best care and all the love we could. We learned all that was needed to help Lance fight this disease. There were many late nights setting up with Lance at home and the hospital as he struggled with this terrible disease. It did not matter that he was unable to talk, walk or do all the things that healthy kids could do, we tried to make life as normal as possible.

We celebrated all birthdays and holidays just like any normal family would. He always enjoyed when we would dress him up for Halloween. Over the years we met new families who had children with disabilities and Lance would make friends. He was a strong little boy and never gave up even when he was at his worst because he knew his mom and dad loved him. 

Since Lance was unable to do any physical activities he and I did the only thing a dad and son could do, get haircuts. I would cut my hair and then I would get him situated in his bed and cut his hair and he LOVED IT! He seemed to like taking rides in the car but, we couldn’t travel for long distances. We would play music and sing to him and sometimes he would smile letting us know I hear you mom and dad and I love your singing.

In Lances last few years before his passing we had a nurse come in to help and her name was Caroline. She was his new friend that would become like a second mom to him. There was a bond and a love that was unbreakable. We took her in as family and thank God for bringing her into our lives and helping make Lance’s life better for the short time he was here.

Lance’s fight and unwillingness to give up let us know how much of a fighter he was and how strong he was. Therefore, we called him our little Superman. Our son taught us what it was to love unconditional and no matter what life throws at you, never give up and always help those who maybe be less fortunate. 

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