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Kyleigh Ryan Cromwell-Snead

January 5, 2003 - February 15, 2013

Angel Wings at age 10 years


Kyleigh Ryan’s quality of life was rich and profound. The purpose to meet developmental milestones to crawl, walk or talk had no merit or value for her destiny ordered by the divine. A beautifully perfect soul that demanded unconditional love and reciprocated the same. She was a miraculous gift and a beacon of hope. Her angelic presence allowed you to feel close to heaven.
Her life was precious; never time to take for granted or ignore the most basic life sustaining reflexes. Brave, strong, and fearless; she was a true warrior and hero as she managed to breath, sleep, swallow, and overcome hundreds of seizures daily.
Kyleigh did not allow the profound medical obstacles deny her joy and happiness. A smile appeared on her adorable face with deep tactile stimulation therapy at 21 months old. Her hair was long, beyond her buttocks, and beautiful dark brown.  
Her gift uniquely taught us patience, understanding, blind trust, respect, celebrating difference, simplicity, modesty, humbleness, and humility. Everyone she met along her journey was blessed abundantly.
She enjoyed sensory stimulation whether it was feeling the sun on her face, the grass under her feet or in her hands, hearing the melodic chirping of the birds, listening to metamusic, or puppy playtime. She loved warm colors, water play, daily massage and being held. In the same respect, she loved quiet and calm interactions with her loved ones. 
Though she was petite in stature, she was a giant in perseverance. Her chunkiness was reminiscent of a Buddah statue. She was nicknamed Princess Buddah Butt for that very reason and the fact she was immeasurably loved and the best cuddle bug.

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