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Alyson Paige Lerch

February 17, 1995 - May 27, 2017

Angel Wings at age 22 years


Alyson Paige Lerch born an angel. A gift from God to her family to provide the best life possible to someone who would give unconditional love to them. Alyson lived just a short 22 years with Lissencephaly but those years were full of love, challenges, heartache and lifetime goals. Each day brought excitement and joy.

Alyson was big sister to Cody just one year younger, and Bree-Anna 3 years younger. They loved their sister so much and were a pivotal part of her everyday life. We as a family decided early on if Alyson could not go where we wanted to go, we didn't go or chose something else to do. We took vacations, went to sporting events, concerts, drag races etc. She was never excluded. We chose as a family to be together no matter what.

Alyson impacted each person she met in some fashion. In high school she was chosen to be a queen canidate for homecoming and was voted prom queen her senior year. She was loved by so many and she reciprocated her joy and laughter. Her laugh was contagious and her smile lit up rooms. She was dubbed the nickname "one shoe wonder" because she was always kicking off her right shoe.

Alyson made a name for herself in the state of Oklahoma. She has a law named after her stating that individuals with disabilities will be allowed to graduate high school without passing the end of instruction testing demanded by the state, but pass with just local authorities. That was certainly a win for Alyson and all disabled students.

Alyson was a blessing to our family for 22 years and will forever be in our hearts. She taught us all how no matter how disabled you are, you can still love and show love. Our angel is in heaven watching over us everyday and we miss her everyday.

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