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The Next Step: Embrace Your Inner Passions

A change of season always produces a change of plans from the usual “same old, same old”. You are aware of the changes happening in begins to warm...the air becomes more fragrant... outdoor activities are numerous. The next step that happens in nature, at least in our hemisphere, is GROWTH! Are you prepared for the next step?

As weather warms, my thoughts turn to the miracle of the tiny plant that pushes its way through the many obstacles of the earth seeking the light. Isn’t that what each person does when working with their personal passion? The idea of being covered and unable to move does not stop the plant from growing. If you have a heart knowing, a passion for “X”, you can push your way through any obstacle and find your light. As you push your way upward, just like the plant, you are safely rooted in your foundation. If you are already on your light path, it’s simply a matter of continuing and opening to the many opportunities that will make themselves known. If you are still looking for your light path, take some time to try on some new ideas.

It is time to embrace your inner passions. It is not about things. It is not about what you have, who you know, or what you do. Rather, true passion is about inner knowing. When you are outside of linear time, you are in a place of passion. Did you ever notice how time flies when you are out with a good group of friends? When you are inside your heart, you are in a place of passion. Did you ever notice how good you feel when you have completed a particular project? The Universe is pushing everyone to discover personal passion!

Passion is a powerful emotion and it is the emotions that will be holding the power this year. This is a year of completion and will demand that you spend time reviewing what was so you can make room for what is to be. Keep in mind that you will be seeing various choices throughout the year, questioning you regarding what is most important to you.

First, let’s take a look at fear – conscious and unconscious – because fear can keep you from truly knowing your passions. Fear is another powerful emotion. Fear sets up an expectation of something going wrong, something causing pain, something disastrous or something frightening. Most fears are based on past experience – in this and other lifetimes.

You may say that there is nothing you are afraid of, but what about other people’s opinions? Are you afraid of people talking about you behind your back? Do you believe that you have done things “wrong” in your life, and that is why many things happen to you? The fear umbrella takes in a lot more than “just” fear. There’s anger, guilt, frustration, shame and blame. They all fall under this fear umbrella. Are there people out there who make you angry? Do you do things and then regret that you have done them? Do you find that no matter how many times you explain something to your friend, they still don’t seem to get it? Any and all of these things come from fear.

If you find yourself in fear, simply stop and ask yourself: “What am I afraid of?” When you get that answer, then ask: “Well, why am I afraid of that?” Take it to the point where you can realize that the only fear you have is the fear of being wrong. Being “wrong” is only a big deal if you make it a big deal!

It is time to also look at guilt. Ask yourself why someone else’s opinions, someone else’s way of believing, someone else’s structure has to be your structure, too. Guilt is something that belongs to another. Are you prepared to give it back?

Learn to ask: “How does this make me feel?” If you feel good, it makes sense that you continue to do that thing. If you feel bad, you might what to ask why you are doing that thing? You can say you have responsibilities but what does that really mean? They are responsibilities you have created, or allowed yourself to create based on someone else’s needs. Think about your power. If you have created them, you can change them.

It is simply a matter of being aware of your thinking process, of your patterns, of setting up your expectations without fear. Once you are aware of them and asking yourself these questions, you will be amazed at how much easier it will be for you to make choices and decisions. Understanding your pattern and what fear created it will be a giant step toward changing your life.

It is also time to listen to the inner self and not keep seeking outside yourself for the answers. You have them. How can you not believe in yourself? Everything is as you choose it to be. You create your own reality. Remember that your emotions are strong and are the base for your reality. When you feel something, you send it out to the universe and attract more of that “something” to you. Even if you say something positive, if you are feeling negative, it is the negative that goes out into the universe first and comes back in kind.

Your power is great. With the many energy changes coming to Earth, your power will be increasing. It will be important to learn how to use this power, not just control it. You currently work in contradiction, and say “no, no, I do not want this” while saying “please, please, bring it in.” It is a contradiction that must be observed in yourself in order to decrease your resistance to the current energy changes. It is the resistance to this new energy that is creating so much disease, problems, and physical change right now.

Imagine that there is a giant harp out in the universe. Each time a string is plucked, the vibration of the note travels to the earth in a wave form and penetrates your energy. About every 10 to 12 days, there has been a new “note” and your energy either adjusts or resists the vibration. It does not matter if you are not aware of the changes in the vibration – they are still happening. It does matter that you are aware of being “different” than before. You are aware that you are less patient with people. You are aware that other people are less patient with you. You are aware that others seem to be in a bad mood more often than not. You are aware that your mood hasn’t been the best, either. As soon as you think things are smoothing out, there is a new note, a new vibration to contemplate. Because of all of this, you may find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering who is looking back. Your body, your temperament and your awareness are all shifting with the waves of energy connecting to the planet.

In order to better work with these energy changes, these new “notes”, you have to connect again with your body. If you are plugged in with your i-pod, cell phone, land phone, work phone, or portable computer, you are aware of how seldom you are required to check in with self and find out if anyone is home. You are living outside of yourself. It is always much easier to notice this in other people. Drivers seem to not see you and continue on their merry way without checking mirrors or lanes. Shoppers seem to be oblivious to people around them and therefore cut in line and bump into others regularly. Co-workers seem to be unaware of how annoying they have been of late. All of this points to how you are disconnected from the here and now. All of this adds to the fear that keeps you from manifesting your passions.

It is important to spend time recognizing what is going on in your brain and body instead of working on your usual automatic pilot. When you work on automatic pilot, one of the things that you do is insist on doing it the way you have always done it. Don’t forget the true definition of insanity – it’s doing the same thing over and over expecting different results! When you do it the way you have always done it, you will recognize it is not working. The automatic pilot will be your first indicator that something is shifting. Try something new. If you go to one restaurant and you always order the same thing, please change your order. It is time to find out if you are in a rut and unable to find your passion because you are fearful of what that truly means.

If you are ready to go within, you may find some interesting changes happening in your body. Your very DNA is in flux. Rather than complain and wonder what is wrong or why your body is acting in a peculiar fashion, stop for a moment and see if you can see the benefit of the change. Looking at these changes in a positive fashion will assist you in creating a more positive experience. Know that you will be facing all the old things you think you have already cleared from your world. If you always had issues in relationships, expect some issues in that regard to be made manifest. If you were the type to have various physical issues, don’t be surprised to see some of them making a return visit. Take a moment to look at your life physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Be honest with what you see. Look at what is happening in your life and ask yourself how you created it.

Now that you have looked at the many ways fear is holding you back, it is time to discover how to manifest your passions and blossom this season. Here’s a simple exercise: Give yourself some time to make a list of all the times you say “I love”. It can be something as complex as music and as simple as chocolate. Leave people off of your list because this is about you, not others. Have fun with this. Let the list grow as you spend time contemplating if you really love to sleep late, or are you sleeping because you’re bored. Once you have your list completed, it’s time to make another list. On this list, state ten things (no less than) at which you are good. Do not get caught up in the “business” end of things. You could be good at sleeping or eating or being a friend. Once this list is complete, play match game. Match the things you say you love with the things at which you say you are good. Then look at your new list and see what gets matched the most, what gets matched the least and what doesn’t get matched. In every case, ask yourself if you want to have more of “it” in your life. If you do, think about ways to make it happen. If you don’t, there’s no more work involved. However, it is important to look at your items that don’t get matched. Can you really have something you love and nothing that you are good at to go with it? This is the beginning of getting you to think outside of the box. It is a start to look at yourself and find passion in places where you may have hidden them many years ago.

Since you are the microcosm on the earth, the macrocosm, if you want to see how she is shaking things up and dealing with some of her changes, you can go to get an up to the minute look at the many earthquakes around the globe. As Gaia continues her alterations, so will you. She has decided what will work best for her. Now, you can do the same for yourself.

Look inside and find your passions and as things blossom on the planet, you will find things blossoming within. Look outside and notice that the power of that small seed to push through the earth and find the sun, is an example for you on your path. Enjoy your Spring and create your passions. I’ll be talking with you again.

If you're working on finding your next step and wish to share your experience or ask for some guidance, let me know.


Sue Yarmey – Energy Translator/Channel/Psychic
Sue has been interpreting universal energy for more than 40 years. She offers guidance for the 3D world by accessing the various faceted levels of energy. Using all her sensory perceptions as well as occasional physical tools she counsels people in the now, offering insight into the current dynamics of a situation acting as a reflection of a persons lessons. Sue is a 1975 graduate of the Institute of Psychorientology, and a shaktipat initiate of Anandi Ma. She was Portland, Maine’s original radio psychic with an educational call-in show and on-air readings. She developed a 3-hour call in show on metaphysical topics, did call in readings on WTHT and daily “Tarot of the Day” updates. FMI: Sue Yarmey, 207-284-9498, www.sueyarmey.comor


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